Second Grader Writes 34 Encouraging Cards - Meet Solyanna
April 8, 2019

Second Grader Writes 34 Encouraging Cards – Meet Solyanna

This is Solyanna’s 4th year at our school. She has 2 brothers; one in kindergarten at our campus and the other waiting his turn to start,  as well as one sister in 3rd grade at our other campus.

Typical Tuesday for Solyanna

Solyanna arrived to class very excited on a Tuesday morning with cards she had made for all 32 second graders as well as both teachers. She was bubbling over with excitement to share them. In fact she was so excited as you can see in a couple of the pictures, she didn’t even take off her coat until later! She spent the evening before making cards for each of her classmates. Solyanna included comments that referred to something she had noticed in class that they did or liked. We had been discussing finding ways to give as well as express kindness on the playground, classroom, and home.  Her mother told me later that it had been Solyanna’s idea and she had finished the last 6 cards that morning before coming to school. It just happened to be “Giving Tuesday” and was a perfect example of how children can give. Classroom friends were only too happy to help her organize and distribute the cards.  Other students were inspired by her example and have been planning ways they can give. One kind act of giving has inspired others and encouraged the recipients to “pay it forward” by keeping it going.

What urged a second grader to write 34 encouraging cards?

I remind students as we go to recess to find another student and use words of encouragement. Encouraging others with kind words and deeds while on the playground is a little character step toward building a great person. We keep the ‘acts of kindness’ theme going throughout our school year in all our classes. It is a campus focus inspired by the book, “You Can’t Say You Can’t Play”. Kindness and encouragement are caught (modeled) and taught (instructed)! It’s very rewarding to see how Solyanna has taken this to heart.

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