Renton Prep Students | Private Christian School in Renton, Washington
July 19, 2017

Scott’s Story

Scott Nguyen Story, a Graduate Prepared to Accomplish Big Dreams

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Scott Nguyen’s video transcript

When I think about Renton Prep and how they have prepared me. What I see here, it’s not just look at the textbook and then fill out the answers on a test, its more like teachers will encourage us to instead of just asking for the answers, to just look for the answers and then ask questions about other things outside of this.

At other schools there is that one teacher that you always love right? Teachers encourage you and encourage thought when you are learning. I feel like Renton Prep is just a conglomeration of these teachers that actually care about you and your education.

I think the biggest thing, Renton Prep has made me aware of myself is that I am capable of doing what I put my mind to. You hear all those famous people that are saying that. I feel like I actually am capable of doing things that I want to do as longs as I put my mind to it.

Throughout the years of Renton Prep, has helped me become the person that I am today. They helped me become more competent and just more confident in myself. I’m so grateful for the education and opportunities that not only Renton Prep but also my parents have provided for me so that I can become the person I am today.

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