Renton Prep To Be Included Among Microsoft Groundbreaking Schools
April 8, 2019

Renton Prep To Be Included Among Microsoft Groundbreaking Schools

In recent years, Microsoft has expanded its efforts to help teachers utilize technology to connect with students. As part of that mission, the company recently launched its innovative Microsoft Flagship School Program, forging partnerships with 17 schools worldwide. Renton Prep is thrilled to be included among this prestigious group of institutions.Renton Prep To Be Included Among Microsoft Groundbreaking Schools

What the Flagship School Program Entails

Microsoft plans to build its Flagship schools from the ground up. By working with partners like architecture firm Gensler and furniture manufacturer Steelcase, it will help these schools create more effective learning environments featuring pods and open workspaces. Microsoft is embarking on this multi-year engagement in hopes of designing, developing, and delivering new places for students to learn.

To that end, the tech giant aims to support educators in incorporating brand-new technologies into the classroom from day one, utilizing new facilities when possible. By embracing technology and innovation, Renton Prep and the other schools on the list will attempt a holistic transformation. The goal is to change the way young people are educated around the globe.

The Selection Process

In selecting its Flagship schools, Microsoft took care to seek out programs that displayed “innovation, ingenuity and passion in transforming learning.” The schools on the list consistently push the envelope, identifying new ways of connecting students and educators. Additionally, these schools take learning outside the classroom, seeking out educational opportunities online, in the community, and beyond. Renton Prep is excited to participate in the company of exceptional educational establishments like Asten College in Cairo, Egypt; IB Campus, HdWM in Mannheim, Germany; and Whyalla Secondary School, Department for Education in South Australia.

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A technologically driven learning environment rooted in Christian values, Renton Prep is passionate about preparing student leaders. Hence, our goal is to help young people prepare for life in our modern, technologically enabled society without losing sight of the values of service and community. If you want to learn more about the Microsoft Flagship school program, call us today. You can also request information on our application process online.