Renton Prep Reaches New Milestones as a WE School
June 19, 2019

Renton Prep Reaches New Milestones as a WE School

Being a WE School has placed Renton Prep in a position where endless opportunities abound. As a result, we appreciate everyone’s hard work and are extremely thankful for the way our students have academically, experientially, and emotionally excelled. Within the WE Schools program, students are making local and global differences. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in fundraising, volunteering, and community service. These experiences truly change the students and allow them to feel comfortable with exposing themselves to further dimensions while sharing their knowledge with others. Renton Prep has been involved with WE Schools for 3 years and counting. Here are the many ways that being a WE School benefits our students and staff.

Supporting Local Causes

When it comes to serving others, the least we can do is support local communities or our very own. When you start small, you can work your way up toward the ultimate goal of reaching people everywhere. As a WE School, some of the local organizations that our school has supported include Northwest Harvest, Renton Senior Center, Operation Gratitude, ISTE Creative Constructor Lab, Seattle Humane Society, Holocaust Center for Humanity, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dignity for Divas, and the Northwest Council for Computer Education. In addition, behind the many organizations, some of the causes our school actively supports are:

  • Acceptance
  • Digital Responsibility
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Literacy
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Volunteerism

We also fight against bullying, discrimination, racism, hunger, and help to minimize homelessness and poverty in our communities. Our students and staff members participate in various volunteer activities to make it all happen. For example, at the Northwest Harvest Warehouse, our students packed 2,750 pounds of oats to help save hunger in Washington! Read more about it in this article. We also engage in clothing and food drives, donation, workshops, and school events.

Supporting Global Causes

As far as globally, our WE Schools group supports global causes such as health, sustainable development goals, education, and child/youth rights. Similarly, Renton Prep induces these results through volunteer service, talent shows, school assemblies, seminars, and class presentations. We have also hosted ministries of education and delegates from other countries to view new ways of teaching and learning. This creates the opportunity for not only educators but most importantly, our students to advance in the direction of excellence. In light of global organizations, Renton Prep has supported:

Adopting Technology

Not to mention, the best part is that our school is able to incorporate and use technology to enhance all local and global actions. Through our school’s academics, the importance of technology is perpetually instilled in our students. With the help of some digital resources such as Microsoft Sway, Tensor Flow, and OneNote, our students are able to transform their ideas into projects. Every student at Renton Prep uses their “Surface” laptops, where they can adapt to tools that may be a part of their future workplaces. As a Microsoft Showcase School, this is something that will always be a part of our education. The more we allow students to become familiar with technology, the easier it will be for them to utilize it to add value to their work.

  • More than six in ten college students and high school seniors agree that tablets help students to study 66% more efficiently and help students to perform better in classes by 64%, Pearson Foundation’s Survey
  • 74% of teachers agree that technology enables them to reinforce their lessons, PBS LearningMedia

Building Impact

There is so much more than local and global impacts that arise from being a WE School. Further, this movement significantly influences both educators and students on a personal level. Participation in WE Schools enables educators to integrate local community content into classroom activities while engaging with youth simultaneously.

Impact on Students

The great leverage that is being delivered to surrounding communities and global associations would not be viable without the navigation and leadership of students and others to make it happen. Students involved in WE Schools programs/movements demonstrate more leadership among peers, are enthusiastic towards learning, are more capable to voice their opinions, and feel a stronger connection between their communities as well as a responsibility towards global issues. Seemingly, there is progress behind every opportunity. Our students are able to disseminate value and knowledge to people everywhere when they are exposed to the right resources.

A Moving Process

Renton Prep is proud to work in collaborations, partnerships, and individually to make changes that have value. As a WE School, we will continue to bring forth excellent opportunities for students to engage in programs, service, and conferences. Learn more about our school with a visit to our website, or feel free to contact us for more information.