Renton Prep Impresses Internationally With Nontraditional Learning
September 30, 2019

Renton Prep Impresses Internationally With Nontraditional Learning

At Renton Prep, we’re passionate about building an educational environment that makes use of innovative learning techniques from around the world. In pursuit of that goal, we were thrilled to welcome a team of educational experts from Japan this past September. The group, which included five members of Japan’s Upper House and two educational technology researchers, observed Renton Prep students in a nontraditional setting.Renton Prep Impresses Internationally With Nontraditional Learning

Experiencing Innovative Learning Up Close

As one of the 17 schools selected for the prestigious Microsoft Flagship School program, Renton Prep was also chosen as a site for delegates to view students using Minecraft for learning. The representatives from Japan had the chance to observe students from grade one to grade six working collaboratively. During the visit, the students’ goal was to create a project in which a piece of paper crossed a taut string line between two chairs. Ultimately, Michelle Zimmerman felt that the groups were too large in light of the differing ages of participants.

“We are constantly reinventing, and that means steep learning curves for educators,” Zimmerman said.

Still, the trip was a success overall. House of Councilors member Michihiro Ishibashi noted how useful it was to see students using technology for innovative learning.

“This is very interesting, and this can bring ideas, solutions, and applications to developing education policies in Japan,” Ishibashi said, noting that his country uses a more traditional teaching system.

Gifts That Marry Art and Technology

As part of the event, Renton Prep’s older students created art pieces as gifts for the visitors. A 10th grader, Afomeya Hailu, built an online artistic rendering of Mount Fuji and used a Microsoft translator to include both English and Japanese text.

“It was easier to do the drafts (online) because they were erasable, but it was cool seeing how different it was to paint it,” Hailu said.

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