Renton Prep Former Student Life Update-Alex Harrington
September 3, 2019

Renton Prep Former Student Life Update: Alex Harrington

At Renton Prep Christian School, our goals go far beyond how we can help students now. We strive to influence superior work ethic and responsibility in our future leaders. In fact, one of our former students, Alex Harrington, has gotten back to us about new and exciting things happening in his life. We are thankful for the hard work our teachers have instilled to grow responsible and driven students. Particularly, he shares details about his life in regards to academics, work, research, and future plans. Here’s what he had to say.

Graduation and Beyond

During High School, Alex Harrington completed his Associate in Arts Degree and graduated from Interlake High. Following this great accomplishment, Alex was accepted into Central Washington University (CWU). There, he is pursuing a Political Science major along with a minor in Philosophy.
“The classes have been very interesting, though moving quickly since I entered with 90 credits. Next year is my senior year, so time has been flying.” – Alex Harrington, May 2019
90 credits are quite the many and we are proud of the work on the way. He was been living on campus though plans to move into an apartment with other fellow students next year.

Alex’s Occupation & Goals

At the opening of this year, Alex began working in the Dean of Students office at CWU. Some of his responsibilities involve assisting with student rights, responsibilities, and case management. As a part of the job, he is on the Student Conduct Council which adjudicates appeals for suspensions and expulsions. In addition, he also helps on the Services & Activities Fee Council, which manages the Student Fee base funded and supplemental funded programs, events, and more. He serves on the Election Commission, which oversees Student Government elections, and works with the Office of Legislative Affairs on campus to decide the legislative agenda for the year and lobby for bills in Olympia. Wow! Although there is a lot on his plate, Alex continues to go above and beyond.

Program Acceptance

We are so happy to hear that The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Fellowship has accepted Alex Harrington into their undergrad research program. During the summer, he traveled to Israel to conduct interviews, and worked with the history faculty at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Alex’s research was on the history and development of solidarity between the Israeli Black Panther Party and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Furthermore, the PoliSci Department of International Diplomacy Forum at the UN Centre in Bangkok, Thailand has nominated Alex to attend events this summer.

Board of Trustees

This summer, Alex Harrington had an interview with Washington state’s Office of Governor, Jay Inslee on May 20th for an appointment onto the Board of Trustees for the University. All of the public universities in the state must have a student representative on their board, and ASCWU Student Government nominated Alex for appointment by the Governor. As a part of the McNair program, he is prepping all of his applications for Ph.D. programs on the east coast. Alex’s top choices are:
  • George Washington University
  • American University
  • NYU
He will be practicing for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) this summer and submitting applications in January. We wish him the best of luck on his academic journey.

Striving for Excellence Year Round

Our Renton Prep staff is overjoyed to see young people grow into hard working, driven individuals. They each have the power to change the world around them and inspire others in their surroundings to do the same. It is a great blessing to see God work through the lives of these students. We continue to pray for the safety of all students who are traveling and making the effort to share and spread their gifts. For more information on our school or to invest in your child’s education, contact us today. We are more than happy to help.