Renton Prep Elementary Students Present at EdTech Conference
July 15, 2019

ISTE – EdTech Conference: Renton Prep Elementary Student Presentations

At Renton Prep, we encourage our students to use their voices to share their knowledge. No matter how young students may be, we believe that they all have something powerful to contribute when it comes to learning. So this past June, three Renton Prep elementary students presented at the EdTech Conference at ISTE. To commemorate our students, faculty member Emily Chant, commended the student presenters: Athena White, Trinity White, and Kathryn Huhs. In this post, we want to highlight their incredible achievements and experience.

Athena White

Athena White is a soon-to-be 2nd Grader at Renton Prep. This was her fifth EdTech conference presentation in Philadelphia. Athena has traveled throughout the country presenting at different conferences including: TCEA – Elementary Technology Conference, FETC, NCCE and now, ISTE. She has also grown tremendously in speaking to 100’s of educators from throughout the country about incorporating technology in education.

Athena at EdTech
Athena presenting at ISTE 2019

ISTE – EdTech Conference

Athena showed how she used various Microsoft Learning Tools such as: Minecraft, OneNote, Sway and Paint 3D to enhance her learning experience. Through the years, Athena has grown in confidence by sharing at these conferences. Multiple educators complimented Athena on how detailed she was while speaking to adults, thus showing her presentation skills. We are so proud of her willingness to not only share her expertise with educators from around the country, but to also be a leading example for her younger sister, Trinity. Great work, Athena!

Trinity White

Being the youngest out of the three, Trinity White will soon be a First Grader at Renton Prep. The EdTech conference was her second national conference she has presented at. Back in 2018, Trinity stepped out of her comfort zone to present at ISTE about various Microsoft Learning Tools such as Minecraft, Fresh Paint and Paint 3D. She even spoke in front of 30+ adults about the importance of mentorship in the classroom.

Trinity at EdTech
Trinity presenting at ISTE 2019


During Trinity’s first conference in Orlando at FETC, she was often nervous and scared to speak to adults one-on-one. At ISTE, Trinity willingly shared her expertise. Likewise, we are proud of the growth in Trinity. She progressively uses her voice to impact educators from around the country!

Kathryn Huhs

Kathryn Huhs will also be joining the 2nd grade at Renton Prep. She has just presented at her fifth EdTech conference in Philadelphia, PA. Kathryn loves to share her expertise of Microsoft Learning Tools with students and educators alike. Kathryn’s enthusiasm to present is contagious for many! Kathryn spent ISTE sharing how she has used Minecraft, OneNote, Sway and Paint 3D to enhance her understanding of content in the classroom. Educators from around the nation were impressed by Kathryn’s creativity and her ability to teach and communicate.

Kathryn at EdTech
Kathryn presenting at ISTE 2019

A “Broken Rainbow”

Kathryn also had the opportunity to speak boldly about what happens when things don’t go as planned in the classroom by putting together a creative analogy that failure in mentorship can be like a “broken rainbow.” This analogy, which was complemented by her own digital ink illustration, was a great addition to our presentation with Dr. Michelle Zimmerman about what happens when things don’t go as planned. We are grateful for Kathryn’s eagerness to learn and share – it is not only a great example for her peers, but to educators throughout the nation. Great work, Kathryn!

Reaching Our Goals

Having the experience to present in front of various audiences in the past has equipped our young students for future opportunities. Elementary student presentations are beneficial in the sense that they prepare young people to be leaders in society and overcome possibility. Contact us today to learn more about our school and how we equip students to strive for more.