Education Exchange In Singapore 2018
September 30, 2019

Renton Prep At E2 | Education Exchange In Singapore 2018

Renton Prep is proud to be a leader in private education both in the state of Washington and among the most innovative Christian preparatory schools in the country. As part of our commitment to providing students with a Christ-centered, technology-enabled education, we were pleased to attend this year’s Microsoft Education Exchange in Singapore.

Exchange In Singapore 2018

This photo is featuring Renton Prep students Ayaka and Sophia

The Purpose of the Education Exchange

The Education Exchange is an annual event that allows educational leaders to explore and discuss the latest trends affecting education. The goal is to help today’s educators brainstorm and create the more effective learning organizations of tomorrow.

Held in Singapore, this year’s event took place from March 13 through March 15, 2018. Common topics of conversation at the summit included technologies designed to support teaching and skills development, safety in schools, and the use of predictive analytics to ID at-risk students.

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The vice president of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, Anthony Salcit wrote,

“We hope you were energized by the various activities throughout the week, particularly the incredible projects shared at the Learning Marketplace, the envisioning activities, and that you learned something new to bring back to your school system from this experience.”

Renton Prep’s director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman attended the Microsoft Education Exchange in Singapore on the school’s behalf. Not only did she have the opportunity to share her ideas with educators from around the world, she also gained inspiration from members of the Microsoft Innovative Educator community. Dr. Zimmerman looks forward to implementing some of these cutting-edge strategies and ideas back at Renton Prep.

Interested in learning more about the Microsoft Education Exchange in Singapore? You can read up on the latest news from the Education Exchange on the company blog. Additionally, you can watch videos and gallery images from this year’s event. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s exchange.

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