Renton Prep And Microsoft Take Learning Beyond The Classroom Walls
September 30, 2019

Renton Prep And Microsoft Take Learning Beyond The Classroom Walls

At Renton Prep, we’re proud to be the first K-12 Microsoft Flagship School in the United States. We’re committed to furthering the education of young people both inside and outside the classroom. In an effort to help students experience educational opportunities unbound by time or place, we recently moved our learning space to the Seattle Art Museum. And thanks to tools like Microsoft Teams, our students were able to appreciate the museum’s powerful Double Exposure exhibit in an exciting new way.Renton Prep And Microsoft Take Learning Beyond The Classroom Walls

How Microsoft Teams Transform Learning

Renton Prep recognizes that local partnerships can boost educational outcomes for students. That’s why we strive to find relevant learning spaces outside our school’s walls. Last month, we took advantage of such an opportunity; our students attended the Seattle Art Museum’s Double Exposure exhibit on free admission day. Featuring 150 images by a historic photographer, and immersive experiences courtesy of modern artists, this exhibit celebrates Native America while utilizing augmented reality and engineering to achieve the desired effect.

To make this experience as impactful as possible for our students, we gave them access to files on Microsoft Teams at the start of the school year. Microsoft Teams is a platform combining notes and attachments with workplace chat functionality. This program helped students explore the art of the First Nations people and gain a deeper understanding of its symbolism. Further, students watched video clips to stimulate their visual thinking. Utilizing technology in this way helped us create a framework for students, activating learning prior to visiting the exhibit.

Microsoft Teams can also help educators keep students safe during out-of-school excursions. Using the platform, students can communicate with teachers and one another over their mobile devices. Additionally, they can provide updates on their progress and notify teachers if they need assistance or aid.

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