James and Tamra Hood
August 7, 2017

Progressive Education by James and Tamra Hood

Insight from a Former Teacher on Private Education

Learn more about Renton Prep Christian School, through a parent’s perspective. A mom of a student who was also a former teacher. She loved the integration of education and technology Renton Prep has to offer. She views it as progressive education with using technology as apart of their education. All the students love going to Renton Prep. Renton Prep understands and knows what is important to not only the parents but also having the student’s best interest when coming into education. Learn more why your child should be apart of a Microsoft Showcase School!

Protecting Children’s Hearts, Renton Prep’s stance on Bullying

Dr. David-Paul Zimmerman’s goal is to create Renton Prep to have zero tolerance for bullying. He believes in protecting your child’s heart. Renton Prep believes in creating an environment where your child will learn to love. Renton Prep wants to instill in your child to have and give kindness to others.

Renton Prep Creates Opportunities

Renton Prep is creating opportunities for your child not only through the education they receive but through the activities they do. This helps deepens your child’s knowledge by experiencing a safe learning environment. A goal is placed on creating life long learners.

Versatility in Education

These parent’s have loved how well rounded their child has become through the education they have been taught. When your child is educationally exposed to different cultures, arts and various learning trip– it offers versatility for your child to learn and approach different ways to solve problems. Renton Prep makes learning customizable due to each child’s educational needs. Renton Prep knows your child is one of a kind and bright!

Students Being Competitive in a Good Way

Renton Prep Christian School students are learning to be competitive on a global level through education. The students are seeing where their grades are going which encourages them. This helps them to learn to play well with others, embracing good competition between each other, and thriving educationally. Each student is excited to learn more through outreach, not only locally but globally.

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