Preparing The Future For Digital Transformation
April 8, 2019

Preparing The Future For Digital Transformation

One way or another, digital transformation is making its way into our lives. For the future’s sake, it’s substantial to expose students to the skills that are needed to succeed in the workplace. With digital transformation, people are learning how to augment the skills that are necessary to advance innovation. As Renton Prep is a Microsoft showcase school, we make it a key component to bring our students into the growing world of technology. The future lies in our student’s hands, and we are proud to prepare them for how to solve any problem.

Future-Ready Skills

To confidently approach the future, parents, teachers, and educators are responsible for preparing our young students. How can we bring these skills into the classroom? Our teachers can consistently encompass creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration throughout learning experiences. Ensuring these elements can help our students possess future-ready skills like the following:

  • Collaborative culture
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Global interaction and competence
  • Entrepreneurial literacy

Increase Online Security

As of today, people everywhere are experiencing online safety hazards. With the latest increase in both physical and technological threats, even students are in danger. Thankfully, more and more security regulations have been put in place for protection. In fact, Microsoft Threat Protection is a new solution that detects cyber threats, treats their effects, and protects institutions from new and changing threats. Additionally, it is Microsoft’s most comprehensive security solution. It combines the intelligence of Microsoft’s security products, like video surveillance, for example.

Learning Through Technology

At Renton Prep, we believe that a lot can be done through technology. And as time runs its course, there are numerous resources that allow students to grow and learn. Whether online or in a classroom, teachers and students are able to easily access content and engagement found through technology. The list of tools that can help students read, write, or learn a new language is extensive. Finally, there are endless benefits that can be found online to help shape our future leaders and entrepreneurs.

A Step To Success

In order to initiate the change we want to see, we should start in our classrooms. With collaborative learning habits, our students at Renton Prep can take a step closer to the future through digital transformation. Additionally, they can improve their problem-solving skills by using research to add meaning to solutions. Every day, we strive to move in the right direction as a community and as a school. Visit our website to learn more about our goals. To be a part of our family, contact us today to begin your child’s enrollment.