Parents' Thoughts on a Technology Based Education
September 30, 2019

Parents’ Thoughts On A Technology-Based Education

These days, technology plays a greater role in our educational systems than ever before. Students type rather than write in cursive, use tablets instead of textbooks, and turn to the internet before hitting the library. With so much change in such a short time, it’s only natural for parents to feel overwhelmed. In an effort to assess where parents stand with regard to technology in education, Microsoft Education partnered with YouGov to conduct a survey involving US schoolchildren under the age of 18.Parents' Thoughts on a Technology Based Education

What the Survey Said

When it comes to technology in education, most parents seem hopeful about what the future holds for their kids. In fact, 60 percent of respondents said they were optimistic about the role tech would play in their children’s lives over the years.

Still, some parents were cautious about the ways in which their children were interacting with and using technology. While 83 percent of parents thought their children benefited from being exposed to computers and educational software programs in the classroom, 63 percent feared that their kids spent too much time on devices while at home.

Choosing the Right Influencers

With half of survey respondents dubbing coding and computer programming as the most important subjects to guarantee future employment, it’s clear that American parents are looking to the future. However, many respondents felt that the government could do more to support schools in their effort to educate kids in this field. Additionally, parents wanted to see an increase in the role the tech industry played in shaping digital programs in schools.

For example, Microsoft currently supports programs such as TEALS, which pair talented teachers with computer science experts across a variety of companies and fields.

Trust Renton Prep With Your Child’s Education

When it comes to providing a technology-enabled education, Renton Prep believes that schools should do more than integrate various devices into classrooms. Along with teaching students to use the latest tools, educators have a responsibility to build thoughtful leaders who recognize the power of technology to shape our future. Call today to learn more about our school or request an information packet online.