OneNote, A Platform For Creative Collaboration And Communication
September 30, 2019

OneNote, A Platform For Creative Collaboration And Communication

Gone are the days of paper folders and spiral notepads. In our increasingly digital age, educators need to find more effective, efficient ways to organize their teaching materials and communicate with students. That’s where OneNote comes in.

Described as a digital three-ring binder, OneNote is a cutting-edge computer program that allows for easy information gathering and multi-user collaboration. This ability to share and collaborate is particularly important to the team at Renton Prep, as we pride ourselves on offering students an education that’s technology enabled. Read on to learn more about OneNote and how it’s making a difference in our school.OneNote, A Platform For Creative Collaboration And Communication

Organize Notes

With OneNote, users can take and organize notes according to personal preference. For example, you might opt to arrange information by week, month, chapter, or unit. Include tags or custom labels to make finding what you need easier than ever.

Create Presentations

Of course, communicating isn’t just about what you say but how you say it. One of the reasons we love OneNote is that it lets users add text, images, audio, and video files. As a bonus, educators can pinch and zoom in on different parts of the screen during presentations. They can even add images or links on-the-go using a mobile phone.

Collaborate With Students and Faculty

Students tend to learn best when information comes through conversation and collaboration rather than just the pages of a book. With OneNote, teachers can engage with students — and students can engage with one another — long after class has ended. And because notes never disappear, students can go back and review them later that year. Meanwhile, teachers can continue referencing them for years to come.

Learn More About Renton Prep

A leader in technology-enabled, Christ-centered education, Renton Prep believes in encouraging students to engage in discussions with multiple perspectives. Tools like OneNote let us facilitate that type of conversation, bringing together various points of view in one easy-to-use piece of technology. To learn more about our teaching philosophy or how your child can join the Renton Prep family, please contact ustoday.