Minecraft Education Mentor Project
August 28, 2018

Minecraft Education Mentor Project

As technology develops across aspects of daily life, it is increasingly important for kids to learn how to navigate the digital landscape. Minecraft, introduced in 2009, is a no-rules gaming environment that affords kids the opportunity to build cities, allocate resources, manage budgets, and much more in a vivid and dynamic virtual world. Minecraft Education has also been credited with helping students learn to code, enhance geometry skills, and expand children’s creativity. Many critics and players liken Minecraft to a virtual building toy, similar to LEGOs but in the digital world. Using this analogy, you can see how the possibilities are literally endless.

Minecraft Education Mentor Project

Minecraft Learning

Minecraft has turned into an important teaching tool that makes the art of coding, teamwork, community engagement, and problem-solving accessible to students through gamification. In addition this platform is designed specifically to help teachers use Minecraft as a learning tool. Minecraft Education features:

  • Tools to allow students to share their progress through screenshots and portfolio building
  • Immersive learning that includes tours of the game and ways to extend learning with additional resources
  • Ability to collaborate within the classroom in pairs or small groups
  • Examples of lessons that have been built with Minecraft Education

Minecraft learning also gives educators, administrators, and parents the tools they need to make Minecraft Education an integral tool to their classroom curriculum. Minecraft Education takes students’ privacy and security very seriously; the platform provides specific instructions on how to properly deploy it so that all students are safe.

Minecraft Education

Some parents and educators might have a hard time accepting that a game is an adequate teaching tool. However, anecdotal evidence from educators and parents disagree – it builds confidence, helps kids understand spatial relations, and gets them conformable managing resources. Also, minecraft education has even been credited with helping autistic students learn social skills while teaching them how to collaborate with classmates.

Today’s children are digital natives, and they deserve tools that help them engage and thrive in this new world. Speak with your child’s educators today to find out how you can help bring Minecraft learning to the classroom.

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