Microsoft Store for Education: New Education Apps
September 30, 2019

Microsoft Store for Education: New Education Apps

While the school year has kicked in, it’s important for students and families to be focused and involved in their studies. Sometimes, students just need an extra push or motivation to get them to fully understand what they’re learning. The Microsoft Store for Education has recently released new education apps that work within the Microsoft Education ecosystem, therefore, helping us empower every student to achieve more. Here at Renton Prep, we connect cognition, neuroscience, and educational practice with learning, teaching, and cognitive development. Below are the new education apps.Microsoft Store for Education: New Education Apps


Mindsets is a platform that enables students to apply their math or science skills and guides them through a series of different real-world challenges. Also, it allows them to improve their reasoning and problem solving skills in ways that are relatable. This new app includes a library of high-quality math, STEM & science challenges geared towards middle school and high school grade levels. Through interactive digital lessons, students are able to collaborate and evaluate different problems. In conclusion, the app instills an improved understanding of common core math and next generation science.

Fable Blockly

Another choice in the new education apps is Fable Blockly. It is the official programmer for the Fable System. The system has a classroom design. And students and teachers can download lesson plans. The lessons focus on introducing programming, computer science, science, technology, and engineering and mathematics (STEM). Because the app is built like a module, you can construct a series of robots and bring them to life. Check out more on Fable Blockly.


With Squigl, you can create whiteboard videos within minutes! First, the app features a whiteboard animation software that allows you to type and paste texts and turn them into glyphs or animated images, second, you can include voice overs or human-like machine voices in your clips, and thirdly, transform it all into a video. Check out the app and get started on cool projects.

Flute Master

Getting comfortable with a new instrument can be challenging. Flute Master offers a fun and frisky way for you to learn how to play the recorder! This app takes you through a virtual World of Music while learning each note of its unique music track. In contrast, Flute Master is the most game-like of all the new education apps. It’s also great for teachers and students. The game requires a real soprano recorder that way it can process each sound from its microphone. Consider a virtual and fun way to play the recorder using this new app!


In this app, families, students, and educators can capture photos and videos of action that takes place throughout the school year. Vidigami is a private and secure platform where students can create and build a portfolio about their lives or school work. Download this app and get started on a portfolio to remember your most memorable times in school!

These new apps foster learning while having fun! At Renton Prep we strive to encourage our students to have new ideas through the implementation of technology and collaboration. Contact us today to learn about our Christ-Centered and technology driven curriculum, and how to get your child enrolled in our school.