Microsoft Launches AI Business School to Help Innovation
October 17, 2019

Microsoft Launches AI Business School to Help Innovation

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom is an integral part of the education we provide at Renton Prep. Our school is invested in preparing young people for a future that includes AI. We do that by guiding students to understand who they are as people and showing them why societies, cultures, and traditions are important, all while emphasizing the significance of learning about machines and their ability to augment our human capacity. One of our goals is to prepare students to engage in modern-day problem-solving that includes AI solutions. This is a concept that Microsoft understands and heeds as important as well. Microsoft wants to help equip professionals to lead confidently in an age with increasing AI use. This is why they created AI Business School.

A Digital World

Microsoft’s vision for the AI Business School is to share insights to help businesses and leaders innovate and solve problems. Microsoft’s AI Business School offers a learning path for business leaders. Additionally, it was constructed specifically to empower innovators to expand their knowledge of AI strategy and how to implement it in their organizations. This also applies to education. Schools can benefit from learning how to responsibly implement AI to develop future leaders who will use AI in their careers and daily lives.

“Future careers will become increasingly interdisciplinary as students work with the various components that are part of AI… Living in a world with AI will require students to become not only continual learners, but also teachers – first to other humans, then to computers, as they train and interact with machines.”

Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning, xx-xxi

Environments that Enable AI

There are numerous industries that are utilizing AI. For instance, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, financial services, and retail are just a few. So, the AI Business School challenges executives to question exactly where they can implement artificial intelligence.

In some cases, companies will need to make cultural adjustments to comply with the responsibility of advocating a holistic approach of AI. For example, ethical considerations and biases need to be considered.

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Helping young people become aware of biases in computer science while they are still in school will help establish a culture that will help prepare them for a future where their voice will be essential in solutions. This will be important in fields from medicine to NASA, arts, and any field where innovation is essential.

Currently, Microsoft is collaborating with the multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis. Using AI, they are working together to develop treatments and medications with the potential to save patients’ lives globally. In terms of environment adjustments, Novartis has made a commitment to implement AI throughout the organization as a whole.

“Developing a strategy for AI extends beyond the business issues… It goes all the way to the leadership, behaviors and capabilities required to instill an AI-ready culture in your organization.”

Mitra Azizirad, Corporate V.P. of Microsoft AI Marketing

This is also true at Renton Prep. With the eagerness to use AI, our teachers are always finding new ways to carry out lessons. This is because AI fuels transformation in learning and boosts student engagement.

Renton Prep’s Journey

Renton Prep has teamed up with Microsoft Education to highlight ways AI can transform classrooms including the operations and processes of learning institutions. We know that educators and administrators at every level of education are being asked to do more with less, and AI can help.

“The biggest potential that AI holds is its ability to help us work together to tackle our toughest problems, and with that comes a powerful responsibility.”

Mitra Azizirad

The responsibility of transforming education is part of our mission here at Renton Prep. We believe that every teacher is also a student, and every student is also a teacher. The power is limitless when we work together to create our own stories. Our goal is to utilize technological advances and Biblical principles to enrich our student body. Contact us today to learn more about our school’s mission and approach.