Microsoft HoloTour & HoloLens
April 8, 2019

Microsoft HoloTour & HoloLens

At Renton Prep, we are constantly seeking new ways to bring education to life for our students. As educators, we know that making subjects relatable and practical for our students furthers their understanding. It also provides perspective they wouldn’t normally experience. One of our partners, Microsoft, has made this immersive education experience easier with HoloLens. Below we’ll explain the Microsoft HoloLens and Microsoft HoloTour. Plus, we’ll dive into how this technology is helping make subjects more realistic for our students.

Microsoft HoloTour & HoloLens

Making the 2D into 3D – Microsoft HoloLens and Microsoft HoloTour

The Microsoft HoloTour is a key feature of the Microsoft HoloLens – a holographic computer that you can wear. The HoloLens has been incorporated into education at the university level, including medical studies. Case Western University is just one of many institutions of higher learning that utilizes the HoloLens. It gives their medical students the opportunity to view a 3D holographic image of a human body. This 3D imaging allows students to pull apart the body and its systems in a way that is not possible with a 2D image or even a cadaver. Case Western is also exploring the option of using Microsoft HoloLens in Art History and Anthropology.

Bringing You to a Different Time and Place – Microsoft HoloTour

In addition to the medical field, the Microsoft HoloTour is also integral to understanding and exploring different times and places throughout history. The HoloLens makes the user’s head placement its focal point; this helps the educational environment come to life like never before. For example, directional sound can make it feel as if you are in a busy marketplace; visual perspective can make you feel like you are watching a gladiator battle in ancient Rome. In fact, some of our students and teachers recently used the HoloTour to “visit” ancient Rome. Doing so helped them further understand the themes and historical context of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Learning in the Real World

Renton Prep and our team of educators believes in the importance of technology in education. Not only do tools like the Microsoft HoloTour aid in a student’s understanding, they also provide students exposure to new technologies, hence better positioning them for the future. If you’d like to find out more about Renton Prep and our mission, please contact us today.