Student Spotlight: London Holmes
September 30, 2019

Student Spotlight: London Holmes

At Renton Prep Christian School we pride in our students achievements! Today, we highlight the story and journey of our former student London Holmes. Ms. Holmes is pursuing a career in Aviation in the 2-year Aeronautical Science Pathway Program at the Museum of Flight (MOF).

London Holmes’ Projects at Renton Prep

At Renton Prep, Ms. Holmes was an outstanding student who participated in extracurricular activities and projects that reflected the mission, vision, and action of our school. Just to mention a few, she and her classmate produced a STEM project video  that illustrates the process of making an extending grabber. Another example is the designing, building, and documenting of the Gingerbread Man Trap STEAM project. Both projects reflect the process and foundation of learning through collaboration, the use of technology, time management, innovating design, and the use of STEM and STEAM skills.

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Future Aviator

Ms. Holmes has achieved many accomplishments, even though we never expected any less. London has been keen in her pursuit of aviation. She was selected to complete private pilot ground training, obtaining an A+ grade. This grade awarded her high school and college credits. She then flew to Oshkosh for Boeing’s 100th anniversary as a guest of this celebration event. At this event, she witnessed a plane staffed by an all-female crew! This experience got her, along with other participants, featured in US Today magazine highlighting the special day. London has been attending multiple aviation conferences and events as guest and volunteer working alongside recognized icons in the field, such as Astronaut Michael Barrett. Additionally, she has been under the mentorship of Anne Wilson –Chair Woman at MOF and retired Delta pilot– and Kimberly Fords –retired Lt. Col.

London Holmes, Cadet and Honors Student

London Holmes is a force to be reckoned with. She is a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, a member of the Red Tailed-Hawks, and a Connection member at MOF. She is also in the National Honors Society, French Club, Juniors States of America, and competes on the swim and track teams. Last summer, she received a scholarship to Tuskegee Airman in California. And she’s been able to fly Cessna and military planes. Also, NBC Nightly News interviewed her as a member of the Red Tailed-Haws. This interview highlighted the Red Tailed-Hawks Flying Club and was aired last summer.

Scholarship Awards & Future Commitments

Ms. Holmes has received 3 flight scholarships. She is currently doing the Cascade Warbirds at Galvin Flight Training. The second one is the Black Pilots Association scholarship for a 2-week flight training in Houston. And the LeRoy Homer Foundation scholarship to complete her private pilot license in 6 months. The award celebration honoring London as their 20th scholarship recipient to date will take place in Newark, NJ this September. Ms. Holmes will also attend the Congress of Future Science and Technology. There, she will be a delegate representing the state of Washington for leadership, grades, and devotion to science.

London Holmes aspires to be a pilot in the United States Air Force.

We are proud of her success and we are sure she will continue to build a great career in aviation. To learn more about how to start your child’s future in academics and technology, please contact us now.