Jennifer Fernandez Renton Prep Students | Private Christian School in Renton, Washington
July 19, 2017

Jennifer Fernandez Story: Be Bold.

Pay Inspiration Forward

Jennifer Fernandez is a 10th grader at Renton Prep Christian School (RPCS) that is known to say, “Renton Prep inspires me to inspire others.” Watch Jennifer talking about her experience at Amazing Grace and Renton Prep.

Video transcript of Jennifer’s Story:

Jennifer: Renton Prep inspires me to inspire others, to take courage in what they are doing and to be brave in what they are doing. Renton Prep shows me learning can fun, entertaining, and interesting. At the same time Renton Prep encourages us to share our projects, when we are proud of them and to tell our story to everyone. Renton Prep has prepared me to speak out to people and share my story.

Marlon Fernandez (Jennifer’s Dad): They key component as a parent and what I see in her is the word collaboration. That is the word I always hear from her teachers. Collaboration is very important to success and to the individual.

Jennifer: I would like to thank Renton Prep for allowing me to experience my learning, its one thing to read something off the textbook and do an essay on it. At Renton Prep we get to make projects about and we get to show our learning in ways that we can control and persoanlize our learning. I’m very thankful I get to go to Renton Prep because of it. 

Jennifer Fernandez Playing the Flute

Jennifer Fernandez Playing the Flute

Video of Dr. Zimmerman and Jennifer Fernandez at STEM Summit Conference in NYC in October 2016

Redefine, Re-draft, and Recreate

Students including Jennifer Fernandez get to experience education in a whole different way thanks to Renton Prep Christian School. Students were able to help  co-write the book, “Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink: The Impact of Pen and Touch Technology on Education”. This elaborates on using technology throughout education to help amplify the students voice so it goes beyond just conversation. The heartbeat of Renton Prep believes in changing the mindset of how students approach education.

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