Renton Prep Students | Private Christian School in Renton, Washington
July 19, 2017

Top Private School

International Recognition and National Awards

Through a worldwide selection process, educational, governmental, and corporate leaders from Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East have chosen Amazing Grace Elementary and Renton Prep Middle School and Renton Prep High School as 2016 Microsoft Showcase Schools. These educational, governmental, and corporate leaders have visited our schools over the past few months as well as team leaders from various Microsoft departments. (One Note, SWAY, Microsoft Office 2016 consistently use our school’s educational process as an example as schools being leaders in technology integration.) 

Marlene Lund, from the New York City Center for Urban Education, recently traveled to Renton and awarded our schools the Lester R. Bayer Award for Excellence in Urban Education.

Dr. David Kafitz, vice president of school relations and consulting from The Learning Council, announced Renton Preparatory Middle and High School as one of the “top private schools” in the nation. Having heard its Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, speak at national and international conferences over the past year, The Learning Counsel chose to acknowledge the transformational change in instructional delivery that occurs in Amazing Grace and Renton Prep. The Learning Counsel helps education professionals in the K12 and Higher Ed sectors gain context on the shift to digital curriculum. They are an intermediary between schools and high tech companies, offering unique executive events and publications.

In the award announcement, the final sentence read, “Congratulations on being awarded this recognition! We look forward to sharing your work with the world.”