How Can Students and Teachers Save Time & Communicate better_
September 30, 2019

How Can Students and Teachers Save Time and Communicate Better?

Education might be the golden ticket, but without an effective means of communication, information will never reach its intended target. And while technology has made our world more connected than ever before, not all of the tools out there are equally effective. That’s why Renton Prep is glad to have Microsoft Office’s software product Sway in our teaching toolbox.How Can Students and Teachers Save Time & Communicate better_

How Sway Facilitates the Educational Journey

Renton Prep isn’t the only school to take advantage of what this product has to offer. The Los Angeles Unified School District and other educational systems across the country are already using Sway to redefine the learning experience. So, what is it that this tool can do?

A smart software program, Sway makes it easy to create presentations, portfolios, newsletters, and more. Unlike other design programs, which require extensive training, Sway is simple and intuitive. And because it’s as easy to add images as it is text, teachers can communicate more readily with non-native speakers. As a bonus, you can view Sway content from any device. This makes it easy for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate and compare notes on the go.

Limiting Paper Waste

It’s no secret that most schools generate a lot of trash in the form of paper printouts. In an effort to support its students while becoming more environmentally friendly, Renton Prep is excited to use Sway and other technology products to limit the amount of paper that’s wasted on a yearly basis. As a bonus, opting for digital handouts ensures fewer pieces of communication get lost in the shuffle. Whether you’re dealing with parents or students, you can get your message across in a way that’s more efficient and eco-friendly thanks to Sway.

Contact Renton Prep for More Information

In addition to providing a Christian-centric learning environment, Renton Prep is passionate about teaching students to appreciate technology. We also advocate using technology responsibly to achieve goals, ultimately leaving the world a better place than they found it. To learn more about how we use Sway and other tech products, or to get details on our admissions process, contact us online.