RPCS FETC 2018 Conference
May 23, 2018

Renton Prep at FETC 2018

This January, Renton Prep students and faculty attended and presented at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC 2018). Our student presenters, ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old, presented to educators and other students from around the country. Their presentations covered topics like Paint 3D and HoloLens. They also discussed portfolios, and how teachers and students can use them to build their personal brands. FETC 2018 is a success!

RPCS FETC 2018 Conference

Edutech Guys interview Dr. Zimmerman on Design Thinking and Paint 3D

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman also talked about how design-thinking can better engage students in the classroom. As a result, Renton Prep is excited to participate in FETC next year as well.

Building Confidence

The Future of Education Technology (FETC) Conference is held annually in Orlando, Florida. This makes Renton Prep’s participation a huge undertaking, as we must get our students from Seattle to the Sunshine State. Accordingly, we could not accomplish this without the help and support of our students’ parents. When asked why they made the effort to make sure their kids attended FETC 2018, the parents offered a variety of reasons.

FETC 2018 Students in Action

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Zach and Colina Bruce, whose daughter Aleah participated in two presentations, said, “We felt it was important for Aleah to represent women of color in STEM.”


They also mentioned that they felt the experience would boost her confidence via public speaking. Judith Fleming, whose daughter Rhonwyn co-presented the HoloLens workshop, commented: “It is important to offer her [Rhonwyn] every opportunity to learn and grow.” As educators, we know these types of experiences with peers and teachers do have a significant and positive impact on our students.


Learning Lessons

Maybe the best part of having our students participate in FETC 2018 is that they taught their parents just as much as they learned. Jason and Maryann Marzan’s son Jayden, for example, really impressed his parents. “We learned that Jayden is passionate about technology” and was proud to represent his school. Fifth-grader Samara Cooper showed her parent, Shelton Cooper, that students “were able to express their ideas and teach others how to use technology with confidence.” Our students have participated in the FETC conference multiple times. Here is the article that outlines their experience in 2017.


Looking Toward 2019

Such positive feedback from both parents and students makes us excited about the FETC 2019 conference. Also, for more information about FETC, please click here. For more information about our students’ participation in FETC 2018, feel free to reach out to Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and the other faculty at Renton Prep. Lastly, we’re proud to share how our students are furthering education in technology. We would be happy to hear from you.