Renton Prep Christian School | Private Christian School in Renton, Washington
July 19, 2017

Endless Opportunities

Renton Prep’s Opportunity in Education

A new model of education has emerged in the Renton community. Young people come from all around the world to our school because it gives them the power of HOPE! Imagine a setting where teachers and students share with each other, both groups immersed in the learning and teaching process.

Renton’s Scope Is Global Leadership

Not long ago we were unknown but the word has spread, and we are now being visited by international business leaders and educators. They are observing our basic philosophy of ADULTS LISTENING TO THE HEARTS OF STUDENTS AND HEARING THEIR VOICE, and how this ALLOWS THEM TO CLAIM GREATER RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD. They understand our students thrive because together we encourage learners to teach and teachers to learn in a global community.

Renton’s Approach Is Pragmatic

A great man was known for his wisdom. His name was Solomon and he asked God, “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people . . .” An interesting response from the Creator was to grant his wish for wisdom and knowledge and to also give him wealth, possessions, and honor! The world needs this kind of purity. At Renton Prep we strive to lift up our students to grow and mature into faithful servant leaders.

We give our students a voice to learn and teach. Our teachers and directors go beyond the mere requirements of static curricula. They seek to connect with proven leaders in business and tech like Microsoft. This has led to us being selected as a Microsoft Showcase School. Every child in our community is given the opportunity to share in the dynamics of an active culture of learning. The hands-on daily use of the best technology coupled with the practical knowledge of other students and teachers provides a maximized educational environment.

Renton’s Foundation Is Jesus Christ

The influence of true Christianity in education is recognized around the world. The joy of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ has a powerful impact on young minds. That is why our students often laugh and genuinely ENJOY learning. God created all humans with a purpose and as we seek Him and His purpose in our lives, learning becomes a spiritual and mental quest. Kids and adults love quests.

Teachers and young people at Renton Prep have a shared core value – they are children of faith! An amazing thing about Christ believers is that they become like Him. None of them can be as perfect as He is, but He was and is and will always be the greatest teacher ever to walk the earth. There are no words that can accurately describe the unity, joy, and fulfillment this brings into the hearts of students and teachers.

No wonder parents of Renton Prep students often muse on the love of learning and devotion to teaching they observe. They know this is very special and unique. Our students get this! They understand life is not just about themselves. It is more important now than ever before to understand our success in building a learning community around the teachings of Jesus Christ.