Encouraging Students to Become Creators of Knowledge
September 9, 2019

Encouraging Students to Become Creators of Knowledge

In today’s age, students may often overlook the importance of school. However, learning makes up some of our most significant experiences. True learning allows us to experience a shift in perspective and leads to many growth opportunities. With the right tools and mentors, it is possible for students to be creators of knowledge and appreciate the fortune that is going to school. As educators, it is our responsibility to root our young people in education and teach them how to continue making progress. Something to keep in mind is that students have their own voice. Allowing creativity to flow in the classroom will encourage them to be genuine and unique.

Give Students Ownership

Being in the position of a teacher or educator comes with a great degree of authority. However, some instructors notice that letting go of some authority and allowing students to construct their own knowledge can lead to a richer learning experience for them. This idea ties into student authenticity, which is a genuine approach to learning. According to educator Nam Ngo Thanh, “In order for students to love learning, they must be the creators of knowledge, not me.” It is true that students take away more from a lesson when they can relate to it. Additionally, students are more than consumers. They are also content creators.

Fostering a Student Focused Environment

From an educator’s standpoint, it is clear to see that there is diversity among students. In fact, each student has a different learning style. Rather than simply teaching and being the initiator of the classroom, teachers should help their students to be creative and master their own learning. Educators need to reduce the level of dominance in the classroom and spare some time for students to get creative in their own special way.

Using Technology Tools

Behind every lesson, students should be able to make a real-world or personal connection. Thankfully, many new technologies offer interesting connections to the outside world or their school environment. There are endless possibilities for teachers to demonstrate the value of life outside of the classroom. The initial purpose of education is to equip young people for the future, including the workforce and life in general. Additionally, combining education and technology promotes new opportunities for students to network, collaborate, and analyze. 

Making Connections

What exactly makes connections so important during class time? It helps students understand that what they are being taught goes far beyond school or even university. It is an engagement in the learning process that allows students to gain valuable insights into real-world applications. As a result of making connections, young people can become creators of knowledge and expand their thinking.

Teachers must continuously demonstrate the relevance of subjects and provide a framework for academic and personal advancement. At Renton Prep we create an environment where students grow academically, spiritually, and cognitively. We want our students to become autonomous learners and be critical thinkers to contribute to global solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our academic approach and how our students are soaring.