Empowering Girls in STEM AI
September 30, 2019

Empowering Girls in STEM AI

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Through STEM, Microsoft strives to empower today’s youth to excel and achieve more. In order to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its fullest potential, students and millennials need to take action. Microsoft opens doors and gives opportunities to those who have the courage to believe in themselves and create technology for a better society. In August, Microsoft launched Alice envisions the future 2018, an all girls in STEM AI bootcamp. With a focus on building diversity, Microsoft ensured that every single attendee left as an AI ambassador.Empowering Girls in STEM AI

Sparking Passion with STEM

Alice envisions the future 2018 was a four-day event. It drove the desire to initiate passion for STEM subjects in our future generation. Because of the many workshops, panels, and tech, there was a lot of room for girls to be inspired. Within the workshops, the latest tech offered all attendees the chance to have hands-on experience. This allowed them to see the true potential that AI can offer society and their future careers. When one student asked if girls could build robots during one of the workshops, it revealed the importance of the AI Bootcamp. Events like these help break down barriers and encourage young girls and women to grow their passions for STEM.

Instilling Drive

Additionally, many of Microsoft’s teams joined including ChatBot, Lego Mindstorms, MakeCode, micro:bit, Minecraft, and A.I.. They prepared each workshop and contributed three days to educating the students and teachers on the impact of Microsoft’s work in the world. All this in the hopes that each individual can build on it to make their own contributions to society. Working together, 15 speakers and 20 trainers pushed to inspire the girls. The focus was primarily on the incredible powers and solutions that AI can bring to the world. Special speakers then shared their knowledge and experiences of STEM AI.

The Road to AI in STEM

On top of inspiring girls, the team discussed the importance of diversity, and the lessons that failure can teach. This event offered more than great tech and information on AI. All the attendees gathered with official partner IKEA. Together, the girls and teachers built furniture for the misfortunate. Specifically, building furniture for refugees and schools. Overall, Alice envisions the future 2018 set a way for young girls to get motivated. As a result, Microsoft will proudly continue working on similar events to inspire as much youth as possible.

Empowering Students

At Renton Prep, we incorporate a technology-driven and Christ-Centered curriculum that encourages our students to find solutions using technology. We have long practiced STEM and STEAM learning and are proud of the foundation we’ve built for our students. Through technology and compassion, we equip our students to become leaders and take initiative like our student Malia. Malia led the Dignity for Divas sock drive again this year to help homeless people stay warmer. We are proud of all of our students’ accomplishments and we love to see our girls take a step to change.


STEM can be applied to all levels of learning and this is the reason that we have implemented STEM learning from early childhood education to middle and high school. Contact us today to start your child’s journey.