Educational Summer Activities That Don’t Feel Like School Work
September 30, 2019

Educational Summer Activities That Don’t Feel Like School Work

Summer is a great time for kids to relax and recharge free from the pressures of homework and extracurricular commitments. However, that doesn’t mean parents should park kids in front of a screen for the whole summer. According to the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, incorporating a little real-world summer learning into your child’s schedule can have a profound effect on his or her performance throughout the school year. Check out these ideas for summer activities that the kids won’t sneer at:Educational Summer Activities That Don’t Feel Like School Work

Cooking and Budgeting

It’s no secret that many American adults struggle with basic money management and financial literacy. However, if you teach your children valuable consumer and financial skills starting at a young age, you might be able to save them from credit card debt and other burdens down the line. If you’re looking for fun summer activities, consider taking your youngster to the supermarket and preparing a meal together. Start by selecting a recipe that’s kid-friendly. Then encourage your little one to find ingredients in the store, weigh the necessary quantities, and pay for them without going over budget. You’ll teach money management and culinary arts in a single trip.

Reading for Pleasure

Reading doesn’t just introduce your child to new information and ideas. It is also crucial for building empathy. Help your kids succeed in school and in life by encouraging them to read for pleasure all summer long. If you have youngsters at home, consider choosing a fun fantasy title and reading a chapter or two aloud each day as a family. You can also reward kids for finishing a book with a small treat or, better yet, a trip to the bookstore for a new title.

Travel Talk

Unfortunately, we can’t always afford to show our kids the world firsthand. If a vacation to Europe or Asia isn’t in the budget, think about focusing on summer activities that celebrate the wonder of travel from your own home. For example, you could purchase a selection of postcards showcasing different locations around the world. Put the pictures in an album or scrapbook. Then, have older children research the destinations to discover a fun fact about each one. For younger kids, ask them to tell or write a story for each location. You’ll stimulate creativity while inspiring a lifelong wanderlust.

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