Digital Storytelling
July 3, 2019

Digital Storytelling Sparks Creativity in Students

Children love sharing stories. Just think about the ride back home from school. So, when it comes to education, digital storytelling has become an integral part of demonstrating understanding. Also, it is an opportunity for students to express themselves using technology tools. Through digital storytelling, students are motivated to engage freely in their writing while enhancing creativity, and engaging with their audience.

Captivating Students

Digital storytelling serves as a way to connect students both locally and globally. It attracts audiences everywhere and gives young people a sense of purpose behind their work. It also allows students to create products with a purpose and for an audience. The great thing about digital storytelling is that students can express their understanding of a concept from their very own point of view and as creatively as they wish.

The Power of Digital Storytelling

With digital storytelling, students can share aspects of their story and relate it to academic topics. It also engages students in the writing process, thus contributing to the advancement of this skill. Moreover, students have the freedom to create audio recordings, videos, illustrations, and images to create a digital storytelling piece that reflects their understanding of a concept. They can achieve a narrative all while tapping into their creative potential. There are many benefits that come with digital storytelling:

  • Inspires students to engage in writing
  • Improves the overall listening skills of the audience
  • Motivates listeners to share their own stories
  • Expands the perspective and perception of the audience
  • Is an enjoyable experience for both the listener and the story-teller
  • Builds enthusiasm for creativity
  • Reflects understanding and mastery of a concept

Routes for Digital Storytelling

We often think of storytelling as an oral presentation, but there are other ways to achieve it. In terms of digital storytelling in the classroom, students can use apps to help them shape their message. They can put together clips or videos, draw pictures to convey a message, or even write short books to get their message across. The creativity is endless!

Inspiring the Future

There is power in digital storytelling. It is a reflection of students’ understanding and it puts into practice a series of skills that will contribute to their academic and professional growth. This is why at Renton Prep we focus on encouraging our students to present in class, at out-of-school conferences, and other events. Contact us today to learn more about our approach of teaching and see our students’ academic accomplishments.