Digital Learning Is the Future of Education
September 30, 2019

Digital Learning Is the Future of Education

Once upon a time, students learned a majority of information from reading books or listening to teachers lecture. However, those days are past; today, students and educators alike have access to a wealth of information with the click of a button. In our modern digital era, virtual learning is replacing more old-fashioned strategies, and schools need to find ways of keeping up.Digital Learning Is the Future of Education

Meeting Students Where They Live

Virtual learning offers new opportunities for reaching students who were previously unengaged. With a survey by Barnes and Noble College revealing that 51% of students learn through active participation (over more passive methods), it’s only logical to find more effective ways of teaching this audience. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is by integrating virtual tools, like headsets, into the classroom.

Headsets let students interact and engage with content in new ways. For example, they can perform science experiments safely and see the results in real time. Additionally, they can use VR to interact with 3D models. This ability may be particularly valuable when dealing with students who have physical challenges that prevent them from handling equipment or tools with ease.

Setting Helpful Limits With Virtual Learning

Technology is a powerful tool. As such, it needs to be integrated into the classroom with care. Virtual learning is just one aspect of a comprehensive education and is not a substitute for human experience and contact. As educators, we strive to set appropriate rules and guidelines to ensure students aren’t accessing information that could be harmful or losing sight of their values. Additionally, we need to ensure these technologies are available to all students, not just those at the higher income levels.

Entrust Renton Prep With Your Child’s Education

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