Building a Strong Desire for STEM Learning
April 8, 2019

Building a Strong Desire for STEM Learning

STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) has become integral to curriculum in the past decade or so. Lately, focus has shifted to fostering a desire to learn STEM early in a child’s education. While it has been determined that these areas of learning are vitally important to a child’s prolonged success in and out of education, it can be difficult to inspire a desire to learn these subjects. Students, parents and educators may feel some apprehension when addressing these subjects. Below are five key ways for administrators to promote STEM learning in your community and school:
Building a Strong Desire for STEM Learning

Five Ways to Inspire a Desire for STEM Learning

  1. Work in cooperation with parents and guardians.
    Depending on age, it may have been quite a while since a student’s parent has encountered STEM learning. As educators, engage with parents and guardians to ease their concerns over working with their children on these topics.
  2. Support teachers’ continued learning.
    As technology, science, and engineering advance rapidly, teachers will need continued education to stay up to date. Provide educators with access to materials, courses or subject matter experts to help them supplement their knowledge.
  3. Make STEM learning tangible.
    Students learn better when they can connect classroom lessons to real world scenarios. Make lessons in STEM more than abstract ideas – use actual examples to demonstrate concepts. Conducting experiments, building small structures, or balancing a checkbook are all ways to make these concepts real.
  4. Engage students at a younger age.
    Don’t wait until middle school to start bringing STEM learning to life. Building a sustainable curriculum for younger students, even as early as preschool, is key to enhancing a student’s comfort and understanding of these subjects.
  5. Promote STEM learning in your community.
    STEM is vital to the advancement of society and needs the support of community leaders as well as educators. So, highlight your students’ achievements through community events and announcements. For example, showcase their work at the local library or via a special open house. By keeping STEM learning front and center in the community, its importance stays relevant.

At Renton Prep, we understand the importance of STEM among students of all ages. Our educators and administrators empower STEM learning by building a solid foundation for education. Contact us today to find out more about Renton Prep and our commitment to learning.