Renton Prep Is Bridging the Gap with Microsoft Translator
September 30, 2019

Renton Prep Is Bridging the Gap with Microsoft Translator

We live in a society that is made up of many cultures and languages. Thus, making communication barriers part of our diverse world. Microsoft Translator is a tool that helps alleviate language and communication barriers. And this is no different in the school setting. At Renton Prep, we have become very familiar with this new technology to facilitate understanding and enhance cross-cultural communication.Renton Prep Is Bridging the Gap with Microsoft Translator

Bridging the Gap with Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a tool that can be used online or downloaded into an app. It is free to use and all the user needs to do is download the app, which is compatible with iOS and Android, then sign in. Once they sign in, the user chooses their native language and the target language they wish to translate. In addition, this tool supports live transcription and translation. This feature allows for students to have the transcripts of a teacher’s lectures in many languages, including English. At Renton Prep, this tool is conducive to comprehension for students who are still learning English. And due to our engagement with international academic institutions, Microsoft Translator serves as a remedy to tear down communication barriers and bridge the gap.

An All-Inclusive Tool

The easy-to-use nature of Microsoft Translator is convenient for parents, teachers, and students. Thus, making it accessible to anyone who has the app on their phone or another device to use it online. In addition, this tool serves all students without any exception. Aside from English learners, students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) can also benefit from it. The live feature of Microsoft Translator allows students who are DHH to follow real time classroom conversations by reading the transcripts. As a result, all students can equally partake in class discussions and learn the content all together.

At Renton Prep we are committed to show our students a positive use of technology. This teaches them the bigger impact they can make in the classroom and our society. Contact us to learn more about our STEAM and Christ centered curriculum, and how to enroll your child in our school.