August 27, 2021

Back to School Tips for Parents this Year

The transition back to in-person learning makes both parents and students anxious. Guardians across the country are wondering how they can prepare their kids for the new year. So here are some quick back-to-school tips for parents to use to help their kids transition.

Safety this School Year

The return of school this year means the return to in-person learning. While there are many advantages to remote learning, the benefits of in-person learning often outweigh remote learning. The safe return to in-person learning is a priority not just for schools and parents, but also for the CDC.

As such, schools across the country are implementing prevention strategies such as indoor masking to get students back into the classroom. Some schools are also including methods such as limiting the number of students within a classroom and maintaining physical distancing on school buses. 

Our survey last year indicated that students wish for a return back to in-person instruction, field trips, and activities. To keep our students safe and excited for the new year, we are making an intentional point to start earlier in August and maximize outdoor learning.

However, physical health isn’t the only area of interest this year. Many guardians and schools are taking extra measures to meet the social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs of students that were affected by the pandemic.

What can Guardians do to Help with the Transition?

Some guardians are concerned that their students have become used to independent learning and won’t be able to return to traditional classrooms. And some are worried about how the stress of the new year may affect their children.

So what can guardians do to help alleviate anxiety for their children and themselves?

Ask about Safety Protocols

Parent-teacher communication is important especially this year. Communicate with your student’s school to learn what safety measures are being implemented. Not only will it help appease any anxiety that you may have but it will also help you prepare for the upcoming semester. This may answer questions such as are classes 100% in-person and whether or not aftercare is available.

In addition, talking to teachers may provide helpful resources and back-to-school tips for parents to consider.

Expect Change and Be Ready with Support

No matter what type of schooling your child had before or just in the last year, expect it to be different this year. This is a new situation for every party involved (schools, parents, kids). Keep in mind that everyone has been out of your routine for a year, relationships will feel different, and patience is a must. One aspect we are working on here in Renton Prep is reestablishing routine and expectations for all students, especially those fully remote. We have to have specific guidelines for using devices, participation, activities so that students understand what to expect.

Parents know that some children accept change more than others. As a result, everyone won’t cope through the semester the same way. Guardians can utilize coping methods to help your student with the sudden change. Anxiety can manifest in children in many different ways such as withdrawing from activities and significant mood changes. That’s why guardians and staff should keep track of student behaviors for signs of overwhelming anxiety.

Be Flexible

Schools are closely watching the news to ensure that they are keeping up with proper health protocols and reducing the chances of exposure. However, it seems like almost every day more information and strategies are presented. As a result, the policies that schools are implementing now may not be the same after a few months.

This uncertainty will cause frustration for everyone, parents, students, and staff members. Having a flexible mindset will not only help you transition with the changes but also help your students.

Student Safety at Renton Prep

The safety and wellbeing of our students will always be our top priority at Renton Prep. Not only physical wellness but their mental health as well.  That’s why this year we will be constantly adjusting our methods to better accommodate the needs of our students. We understand guardians are nervous, but we want to ensure you that your student will always be first here.

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