Back to School-Helping Students Prepare for the Year
September 3, 2019

Back to School: Helping Students Prepare for the Year

Back-to-school season is finally here! It is an exciting time for some students, as it brings them closer to their goal of graduation. The new academic year is a new beginning where they can improve their performance, meet new friends, and set new goals. At Renton Prep, we strive to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where every student can feel safe. Regardless, there will always be students who feel uneasy or not ready about this new step. So, in this post we provide our best back-to-school tips to start the new year right. 

Arrange School Supplies

On our website, you will find the school’s supply list for all grades. Once your child has all of his/her supplies handy, it’s time to organize! This is the part where students are free to express themselves. It can also be a moment of realization that school is right around the corner. So, being confident that each student is well equipped with the right tools will help to prepare them for an easier first day back.

Attend Our Open House

Renton Prep’s Open House for the 2019-2020 school year will be on August 29th from 6:30pm-7:30pm. It is crucial that all students attend this event. It’s an important time for students to meet their teachers and catch up with friends. In addition, it is also a great experience for parents to get acquainted with our purpose as a school, as well as the environment in which their child will dwell. New students are able to get a look around and get familiar with their surroundings. Our staff is friendly and available to answer all your questions. Take this opportunity to refresh your child’s mind and encourage them to be at ease about coming back. For more information about our school, visit the following pages:

Set a Schedule

When it comes to school, there are many priorities to put in place. From sleep to our everyday routine, it can sometimes be a hassle to have everything in order. For that reason, it is beneficial for students to schedule their day.


There is most likely a big difference between your summer break and school schedule. Without the right preparation, it will be a challenge for students to adjust to the busy agenda that’s to come. So, set a time every day for going to bed and try to keep it consistent. Good rest goes hand in hand with great academic performance. Nowadays, students are not sleeping enough. In fact, over 50% of teens are suffering from sleep deprivation. On average, young people should be getting between 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Going to bed at a decent hour will give students the proper energy they need to focus in school.

Schoolwork Expectations

Similarly, readiness work is yet another area some students struggle to prioritize. It’s easier to choose hobbies over school work, but getting it done sooner will leave more time for leisure. According to the American Psychological Association, about 80 to 95 percent of students procrastinate on their school work! Help your child determine the best hour to get their work done. They won’t regret it later on.

Proper Nutrition

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It fuels our body with energy and provides essential carbohydrates that the brain needs to function. Part of that function is improving concentration, memory, and overall mood. It lowers stress levels and also links to improved academic performance. Same goes for lunch time. We recommend all students eat during lunch break to maintain proper nutrients. When it comes to school, students’ brains need energy to help them do their best.

Planner or Calendar

Not everyone has great memory. In fact, many students struggle to remember certain things that were taught or said throughout the school day. Planners are an essential tool for students to use. It keeps them on track and makes it easier for them to know what tasks they need to complete at home. Calendars are also a great investment. Check off as you go and you’ll see how easy and beneficial it can be to keep track of their work. Other alternatives to stay up to date are Microsoft tools. These can be used to stay organized and remember anything students need to accomplish. 

New Year, New Accomplishments

We are excited to return for the 2019-2020 school year and hope that your child is too! We have many goals for students and can’t wait to see the many more accomplishments they achieve. As a WE and Microsoft Showcase school, our students and staff have participated in endless growth opportunities. We are anti-bullying and do not approve of any harassment or intimidation. We are a school guided by Christian values and a friendly environment. If you haven’t yet enrolled your child, or are interested in learning more about our approach, contact us today!