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OneNote, A Platform For Creative Collaboration And Communication

Gone are the days of paper folders and spiral notepads. In our increasingly digital age, educators need to find more effective, efficient ways to organize their teaching materials and communicate with students. That’s where OneNote comes in. Described as a digital three-ring binder, OneNote is a cutting-edge computer program that allows for easy information gathering […]

Renton Prep Students Win the 2018 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest

This year two Renton Prep students won first and third places in the 2018 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest. Representing the Western District of Washington, Julien Johnson and Afomeya Hailu won in two different categories, essay and video. The Ninth Circuit Civics Contest is a competition that targets high school students. And it requires the participants to […]

Robotics And STEM Working Together

It’s no secret that the STEM fields play a crucial role in society. Referring to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, STEM sets the tone for the future, affecting everything from the foods we eat to the energy that powers our homes and cars. However, research shows that the STEM talent pool needs expanding. According to […]

Intercultural Minecraft Project, Global Experience for Renton Prep Students

Renton Prep students from the 6th and 7th grade participated in an intercultural minecraft project with students in Japan. This project was done with students from Ritsumeikan Primary School in Japan. The project required the students at Ritsumeikan to create minecraft worlds that showcased historical Japanese landmarks. Using English block coding and JavaScript, the students programmed […]

Student Spotlight: London Holmes

At Renton Prep Christian School we pride in our students achievements! Today, we highlight the story and journey of our former student London Holmes. Ms. Holmes is pursuing a career in Aviation in the 2-year Aeronautical Science Pathway Program at the Museum of Flight (MOF). London Holmes’ Projects at Renton Prep At Renton Prep, Ms. […]

Renton Prep Teaches Compassion With Tech

Renton Prep has built a reputation for teaching students to harness the power of technology. Not only to enrich education but also to develop responsible and productive citizens. To that end, our school’s educators are passionate about using technology to develop compassion in the student body. And as of late, the world is taking notice. […]

Renton Prep’s Students Leah & Welela WE Day Award

At Renton Prep, we are proud of all of our students. Time and again they have proven to be full of curiosity, intelligence and compassion, making it not only a joy to teach them, but a pleasure to watch them grow. Our students have participated in regional and national seminars showcasing their abilities. From 2018 […]

Faith vs Religion in Christian Education

Faith vs Religion is an important subject because we desire our students to have a living faith beyond being a member of a church. Our doctrine is solidly LCMS and Bible based. The goal is for the students to apply faith to their real life and see how it is woven throughout learning and everyday […]

Renton Prep At E2 | Education Exchange In Singapore 2018

Renton Prep is proud to be a leader in private education both in the state of Washington and among the most innovative Christian preparatory schools in the country. As part of our commitment to providing students with a Christ-centered, technology-enabled education, we were pleased to attend this year’s Microsoft Education Exchange in Singapore. The Purpose […]

Innovation Educators are Diamonds in the Rough

Renton Prep and Amazing Grace are unique environments that require a specific mindset of flexibility and interest in continual learning and innovation. This article focuses on innovation educators and how they aid in the vision of our schools. Innovation educators are truly diamonds to be cherished. Recently Dr. Bernard Bull, Vice President for Curriculum and […]

Human Machine Balance by Richard Boyd

The biggest issue for the 21st century, for individuals and organizations alike, is determining how to achieve the correct balance between humans and automation to optimize outcomes. This raises a number of questions for teaching methods and practice. We will discuss how we can teach the next generation to achieve human machine balance and comfortable […]

200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts

Have you heard the news? The 3.79 acres at 200 Mill Avenue are being redeveloped by Cosmos Development and LMC Development. These are the 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts. The Renton Preparatory Christian School campus is currently located on two floors in the building. Here are some of the 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts First, […]