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Encouraging Students to Become Creators of Knowledge

In today’s age, students may often overlook the importance of school. However, learning makes up some of our most significant experiences. True learning allows us to experience a shift in perspective and leads to many growth opportunities. With the right tools and mentors, it is possible for students to be creators of knowledge and appreciate […]

Teacher Training Stories: Deanna Wright’s Experience in Uganda

Renton Prep’s Summer Learning Teacher Stories highlight the summer break of our teachers and staff. So, we want to thank our kindergarten teacher Deanna Wright for sharing her summer adventures with us. As you also may have heard, she was recently honored as a Certified National Geographic Educator. These teacher training stories serve as an […]

Addressing Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom

Classrooms are a place where students grow mentally and academically. Regardless of any subject, teachers should be introducing topics and lesson plans every student can learn from. What can we do to transform 21st-century education? Implementing PBL is a great start. The two main PBL’s are project-based learning and problem-based learning. Sharing the same acronym, […]

Back to School: Helping Students Prepare for the Year

Back-to-school season is finally here! It is an exciting time for some students, as it brings them closer to their goal of graduation. The new academic year is a new beginning where they can improve their performance, meet new friends, and set new goals. At Renton Prep, we strive to create a friendly and inviting […]

Digital Storytelling Sparks Creativity in Students

Children love sharing stories. Just think about the ride back home from school. So, when it comes to education, digital storytelling has become an integral part of demonstrating understanding. Also, it is an opportunity for students to express themselves using technology tools. Through digital storytelling, students are motivated to engage freely in their writing while […]

Minecraft, Learning Through Gaming

When it comes to teaching, it is important to train ourselves to shift from what is common to what is valuable. One can discover many alternatives to traditional learning methods that benefit both the teacher and the student. It leads to improvements in social proficiency, self-awareness, management, and overall decision making. To that end, Renton […]

Renton Prep Reaches New Milestones as a WE School

Being a WE School has placed Renton Prep in a position where endless opportunities abound. As a result, we appreciate everyone’s hard work and are extremely thankful for the way our students have academically, experientially, and emotionally excelled. Within the WE Schools program, students are making local and global differences. There are plenty of opportunities […]

Renton Prep’s Guide to Summer Learning

Summer is here and it is the time for vacation and a break from school! However, as good as it is, it can often lead students to forget some of the things they learned. This is referred to as “summer slide.” It’s the tendency for students to lose some of the academic achievements they gained […]

Broadening K-12 Students’ Perception on Artificial Intelligence

As parents, teachers, and school educators, we have the ability to give our children and students the extra push. Exposing them to new perspectives and ideas gives them the opportunity to individualize themselves and see the world through a unique lens. Among the many elements brought to attention at Renton Prep, is artificial intelligence. We […]

Renton Prep Dance Program 2019: Nostalgia with Purpose

Learning comes in different ways. Also, encouraging confidence and collaboration in the classroom, goes beyond group activities. So, with this in mind, Renton Prep incorporates different methods of teaching. By integrating intentional dancing in our curriculum, students learn the power of building each other up through mentorship. Every spring, Renton Prep holds a dance for […]

Encouraging Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Education does not have to limit itself to just the lecturing and intake of information. In fact, learning goes beyond books and there are many ways to encourage it. Through many observations, arts-infused techniques can help students focus and connect with others around them. When it comes to education, incorporating social and emotional learning (SEL) […]

Deanna Wright: Certified National Geographic Educator

Each day, students and teachers at Renton Prep are reaching new milestones. To that end, we want to congratulate our kindergarten teacher Deanna Wright for being awarded the National Geographic Educator Certification! What an incredible accomplishment for her and for our school. We are so content with the students and staff that make Renton Prep […]

Advancing Student Collaboration in the Classroom

Student collaboration in the classroom is key when it comes to learning, as it gives all students the opportunity to grow while working together. But how can we make collaboration an activity where students are empowered to engage with one another to produce great results? Instead of putting together tasks where students don’t feel the […]

Educators as Lifetime Learners

The more and more prominent that technology becomes in our daily lives, people have developed a misconception of how it affects us. In many ways, technology can reel people into danger and societal distractions. But in the same way, technology can also have lasting benefits and successful effects in relation to humanity and artificial intelligence. […]