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2021 Education Trends

Last year revealed how much a student’s learning environment affects their academic performance and mental health. This sparked a conversation about what would be the best method to teach. Now new education trends are being explored and gaining popularity as teachers try to enhance their learning environment. Recent Teaching Trends Following our remote learning experience, […]

SEL Learning: What is Social-Emotional Learning?

Last year’s pandemic brought attention to the importance of students’ mental health and emotions. Now that schools are returning in person, many schools and educators are looking into SEL learning and how to incorporate it into the classroom. SEL Learning Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a teaching methodology that guides students of all ages on how […]

Returning to School Safely at Renton Prep

In preparation for the new school year, our faculty members have been consistently working on developing safety measures and applying social and emotional learning to ensure the safety and success of our students. We want to provide the emotional support that students need to successfully adapt to returning to school. As the semester begins many […]

Renton Prep participates in Colombia’s TEB Innovation Time

In April, TEB Innovation Time hosted a virtual event at Gimnasio Campestre, Colombia. Recognizing the positive influence of the technology-driven education utilized in Renton Prep, we were asked to join this international event as a keynote speaker. TEB Innovation Grupo TEB (Tecnología Educativa de Bogotá) is a formal group of educators from high-quality private schools […]

The Power of Supporting Teachers

The faculty of any institution plays an important role in its success. However, research shows that few faculty members receive the support and training they need to succeed. So what can schools do to support their teachers? The Importance of Empowered Faculty Leaders of our industry can agree that the future of education is shifting […]

Stop Cyberbullying Day

Stop Cyberbullying Day is an annual event that brings millions of people together to celebrate and promote a truly diverse and inclusive internet. Learn more about how you can take part in Stop Cyberbullying Day and protect your children. What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying done through electronic means such […]

NCCE: Computer Education Virtual Event 2021

Many people fear that technology will distract students but we believe that a computer-based education is the next step in providing a better education for our students. Instead of holding students back, technology-driven education can prepare them for success within our modern world. NCCE Northwest Council for Computer Education, NCCE, is an organization whose goal […]

Virtual Summer Camps 2021

With the approach of summer, many parents are wondering how they can keep their children engaged safely. What many parents don’t realize is that there are a lot of free Microsoft virtual summer camps available to students. Here’s a guide of virtual summer courses that will not only keep your student engaged but also allow […]

Best Teacher School Award 2021

Best Teacher School Award 2021 Our school and Dr. Michelle Zimmerman won another award! We are honored and happy to be selected as the Renton Reporter’s 2021 “Best of Renton” awards for business and community. From launchpad speaking to business excellence and everything in between, we strive to carry out our mission, vision and action […]

Tech for Good Challenge: Teaching Sustainability

Renton Prep Christian School is recognized for its unique technology-driven curriculum that pushes its students to think outside the box. With our school’s emphasis on teaching sustainability within the classroom, we participated in the Tech for Good Challenge. Recently, in collaboration with Microsoft and WE Schools, our students created a sustainability project for the Tech […]

The Importance of Teaching AI to Students

In this technology-driven era, artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated our daily lives. However, more often than not, many curriculums are not teaching AI to students across the nation. Exploring the critical intersection between the humanities and AI will teach students to understand and navigate the world around them. This is one reason why Renton Prep […]

Five Ways Microsoft Education Keeps Classrooms Connected

With the sudden switch to remote learning for many students in 2020, many online learning platforms are continuously adding new features to keep up with demand. In particular, the Microsoft Education digital tools have enabled Renton Prep to still provide a world-class education to all of our students. As the first Microsoft Showcase School in […]

Student Survey: Experiences during COVID-19

The following questions are for Renton Prep students to share their personal experiences at school since March 2020, when COVID-19 restrictions around America began to go into place. When responding, feel free to write as much or as little as you’d like. We can’t wait to see your thoughtful responses!