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5 Tips for Integrating Microlearning

According to a Microsoft study, everyone’s attention span is shortening. It has dropped to eight seconds, four seconds shorter than when it was last studied at the turn of the millennium. A team of researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Berkeley who studied the human brain found that attention pulses in and out […]

5 Tips to Increase Student Motivation

Getting a classroom full of children enthusiastic about learning and working hard is no easy feat. Without student motivation, even well-prepared and engaging lessons may not have the intended outcome. To help, we’ve created a list of five tips to help educators motivate students and push them to reach their goals. 1. Develop Meaningful Relationships […]

The Benefits of Coding in Education

Technology has completely transformed the modern classroom. In the 21st century, AI and other computer science skills will be necessary in a world where technology is everywhere. Coding benefits students by preparing them for a technologically advanced society and can enable computational thinking.  Coding also allows us to communicate with electronic devices such as smartphones, […]

Learning AI Through STEAM

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming synonymous with work and life. That comes with the question of how to start preparing for the growing need for learning AI skills. The best answer might be STEAM education. STEAM equips students with the technical skills needed for the evolving workplace.  Carnegie Mellon University’s Professor of Research, Dave Touretzky […]

The Role of Museums Within Education

Summer is a great time to try new things and explore places that spark your imagination. Activities like reading graphic novels or visiting museums are a good way to keep your families engaged and inspire learning during summer break.  In fact, the role of museums in education may be bigger than you may think. One […]

Vocabulary Strategies to Use with Kids this Summer

Just because summer is here, doesn’t mean it’s time to binge countless hours of your favorite shows. But it also doesn’t mean you have to stuff your child’s face into a book. Instead, this summer you can have fun with learning and help increase your child’s reading comprehension by using vocabulary strategies.  These strategies can […]

Presenting at ISTE Live 2022

This past June, 9th-grade students Chloe Culver and Rayna Srinivas had an amazing opportunity to represent Renton Prep at ISTE Live 2022 alongside executive director Dr. Michelle Zimmerman. The presentation was titled “No Cheating! Nontraditional Assessment With No Proctor Needed” and it focused on how educators can perform assessments without the need for a proctor […]

5 Benefits of Graphic Novels You Should Consider

With summer officially here, asking a child to read a book might be like pulling teeth. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Graphic novels are the secret to promoting literacy and turning children into avid readers. While it may be easy to dismiss them as not “real reading”, this couldn’t be further from the […]

Triumph Reigns at the Spring Dance Performance

After a grueling two-year hiatus, Renton Prep’s Spring Dance Performance returns for the 21st year! For this performance we chose the powerful theme of Triumph. Our fun annual spring dance not only helps students build confidence but also allows them to showcase all they’ve learned into their presentation. What Triumph Means Sometimes the best themes […]

Renton Prep Presents at the NCCE & WE Conference

Let’s face it, many students have a hard time grasping science-based lessons and activities. This can lead to students often feeling discouraged by their lack of understanding. However, the power of a well-organized STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum can help students better understand the lesson and change their discouragement into enthusiasm. The […]

How to Use Learning Walls in the Classroom

It is a fact that a student’s environment influences their learning. More specifically, the classroom environment influences literacy development. This is why learning walls are so crucial in education. Typical classrooms usually involve some informative posters, such as a large periodic table or an inspirational quote. While these are great at conveying the theme of […]

How to Give Grades in a Gradeless Classroom

The image of teachers hunched over desks with piles of paper and a red pen is a recognizable image. However, some are calling for teachers and educators to move away from grades and into a more evaluative format. But why is there such a push for gradeless classrooms? Here are some of the benefits of […]

Women’s History Month Lessons For the Classroom

The month of March is Women’s History Month, a time when we get to recognize and highlight the achievements of women throughout history. In addition, International Women’s Day is March 8th which is celebrated around the world. So this is the perfect time to dive into the fascinating world of women’s history within the classroom. […]

Teaching Mindfulness in the Classroom

Learning how to be mentally present is a social and emotional skill that will help students ensure success in their future. And with the average attention span of students gradually decreasing, teaching mindfulness in the classroom is becoming increasingly popular. Especially because mindfulness can be extremely beneficial for students and can help them be present […]

College and Career Readiness: 5 Ways to Prep your Students

College is often an exciting time for students. It is an experience that many students dream of from the time they are young. However, it is also an adventure that is often rigorous and that requires the best out of students. College and career readiness is frequently an overlooked aspect of the whole college onboarding […]

Critical Thinking in Education Today

When students can simply Google or “Ask Siri” for the answers to common questions, teachers’ goals begin to shift from students filled with facts to students filled with thoughts. But in a world filled with technology, how do we get students to start thinking for themselves? As a result, educators are now reevaluating how critical […]

What is a Student-Centered Learning Approach?

The educational industry is constantly discussing ways educators can teach their students more effectively. While many go back and forth on the pros and cons of a traditional vs non-traditional education, the truth is that some students require different teaching methods. The student-centered approach to learning is one method that educators are incorporating into their […]

Renton Prep’s Land Acknowledgment Statement

Land acknowledgment is a traditional custom dating back centuries. For non-Indigenous communities, land acknowledgment is a powerful way of showing respect and honoring the Indigenous People. This acknowledgment is a simple way of resisting the loss of Indigenous histories and working towards honoring and sharing the truth. Our Land Acknowledgement Statement Renton Prep wants to […]