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Looking Back on the Challenging Fall 2020 Semester

The success of our reopening plan came from our diligence and devotion to our student’s safety and education. Our mitigation plan provided the opportunity to offer in-person classes along with online options. This combination provided the flexibility that students needed for a successful Fall 2020 semester amidst the challenges of COVID-19. In this post, we’ll […]

Running Start Students keep excelling during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing educators at every level to change the delivery of education. Luckily, Renton Prep graduates Eden Fenta and Julien Johnson have the knowledge and experience needed for the digital education shift. As they continue as Running Start students, their experiences in Renton Prep’s digital-first curriculum gave them the necessary knowledge for […]

Design Thinking in Education at ISTE Creative Constructor Lab

On October 6, 2020, one of our very own students and our executive director presented at the ISTE Creative Constructor Lab. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and student Brooklyn Jones joined together to share their experience utilizing design thinking in education at Renton Prep. What is ISTE and the Creative Constructor Lab? The International Society for Technology […]

How to Use Blended Learning in the Classroom

Last month Steelcase hosted a virtual education summit on the topic of blended learning. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman presented as one of the panelists of educators in their discussion of incorporating blended learning in the classroom and how this new method is redefining the concept of education. What is Blended Learning? Blended learning is a new […]

Keeping School Reopening Safe with Base Camp Health

As we continue to progress through the 2020-2021 school year, we are grateful that our doors remain open and our students are safe. Together with the implementation of our reopening plan, our partnership with Base Camp Health for early COVID-19 detection has allowed our start to be a success. The School Reopening Decision Ensuring a safe […]

AI in the Classroom: Emotional Learning with Technology

Through the history of Renton Prep, executive director Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and our team have always prioritized artificial intelligence and technology in the classroom. However, at the center of this idea is an emphasis on integrating students’ emotional learning with technology. To create a future with AI in the classroom — both technologically and emotionally […]

Renton Stories Wins Three National Awards

In 2016, Renton Prep began an endeavor to upgrade and refine our digital presence. Of course, our staff, students, and families have always had an understanding of who we are. However, we wanted to show off to the world exactly what makes Renton Prep so great. From the students, teachers, technology, creativity, engaging thinking — […]

Practical Education to Help Students Face the Real World

Students at Renton Prep Christian School are consistently on their way to better things. From experience in conferences (even virtual), social events, local outreaches, and global partnerships, educators at our school are equipping them for the future. There are so many ways that teachers today can give students practical education to help students soon face […]

How We’re Helping Distance Learning Students

While Renton Prep is reopening our campus this fall, our families still have the option of distance learning. This poses an important question for us: How can our teachers and faculty support students in distance learning equally to those in the classroom? Fortunately, our experience with remote learning in the spring has put us in […]

Combatting the COVID-19 Slide

Returning to school after a fun-filled summer can be difficult for children. They learn a great deal during the school year, take their final exams, and then have 3 months off from their rigorous studies. Transitioning out of summer break and back into the new school year takes an adjustment for some students. Professionals have […]

A Timeline of our School Reopening

In spring of 2020, our natural state of a technology-driven classroom quickly shifted to a classroom that lived entirely online. As COVID-19 cases rose across Washington state and America, Renton Prep quickly adapted to the changing landscape. As our anticipation and excitement mounts ahead of our school reopening on August 17, we want to outline […]

Minecraft for Education: Classes Excel in Remote Learning

Renton Prep students moving to an entirely remote learning environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced our students to adapt quickly. While as a school we have equipped ourselves for remote learning, much of the weight of the transition fell onto the students to keep up. Despite continually learning behind a screen, our 7th and […]

2020 Renton Prep Virtual STEAM Fair

This year, our STEAM Fair went virtual. Along with our Vision 2020, we have compiled how each grade visualized and answered a simple question. What do Renton Prep students envision for the future of the Earth? This same theme was strung throughout our school year, in the dance program and in our yearbook. This culminated […]

Students Speak at OECD Global Forum

Renton Prep is consistently aiming to optimize and innovate our curriculum design to prepare students for the future. To contribute to the global discussion in education, Renton Prep was invited to participate in the international OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 forum. Three Renton Prep eighth graders talked during the OECD global forum to […]

Alumnae Getting Ahead with Running Start

Although the much-anticipated 2020 Renton Prep Dance Program was canceled due to COVID-19, with Running Start and our Alumni and Scholars Program, there was still a benefit to all the work our students put into the preparation for the dance. When Renton Prep joined the Running Start program, we aimed to prepare our students to […]

Renton Prep Student 3D-Prints Face Shields for Hospitals

As COVID-19 government restrictions went in place across Washington and many hospitals became overwhelmed with patients, Renton Prep ninth-grader Alden Johnson thought of a way he could help. With a 3D printer and printing materials, Johnson found that he could make face shields and send them to local hospitals to help. At 40 minutes each […]

How Social Media Improves Digital Classrooms

At Renton Prep, we harness emerging technology that improves teaching, learning, and critical thinking. Social media is a piece of technology that improves the digital classroom experience for students. The benefits of social media in the classroom are endless. Most importantly, it improves student communication, digital literacy, and creates new methods for collaboration. Additionally, students […]

Differentiated Instruction Helps Students Succeed in the Classroom

In order to accomplish successful teaching, educators must consider methods that allow every student to understand what is being taught. This is essential in a diverse world. There are many factors that can affect the way students receive and interpret information. In fact, every student is different. Therefore, methods such as differentiated instruction can greatly […]