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Renton Prep And Microsoft Take Learning Beyond The Classroom Walls

At Renton Prep, we’re proud to be the first K-12 Microsoft Flagship School in the United States. We’re committed to furthering the education of young people both inside and outside the classroom. In an effort to help students experience educational opportunities unbound by time or place, we recently moved our learning space to the Seattle […]

Renton Prep To Be Included Among Microsoft Groundbreaking Schools

In recent years, Microsoft has expanded its efforts to help teachers utilize technology to connect with students. As part of that mission, the company recently launched its innovative Microsoft Flagship School Program, forging partnerships with 17 schools worldwide. Renton Prep is thrilled to be included among this prestigious group of institutions. What the Flagship School Program […]

How Can Students and Teachers Save Time and Communicate Better?

Education might be the golden ticket, but without an effective means of communication, information will never reach its intended target. And while technology has made our world more connected than ever before, not all of the tools out there are equally effective. That’s why Renton Prep is glad to have Microsoft Office’s software product Sway […]

Parents’ Thoughts On A Technology-Based Education

These days, technology plays a greater role in our educational systems than ever before. Students type rather than write in cursive, use tablets instead of textbooks, and turn to the internet before hitting the library. With so much change in such a short time, it’s only natural for parents to feel overwhelmed. In an effort […]

Renton Prep Impresses Internationally With Nontraditional Learning

At Renton Prep, we’re passionate about building an educational environment that makes use of innovative learning techniques from around the world. In pursuit of that goal, we were thrilled to welcome a team of educational experts from Japan this past September. The group, which included five members of Japan’s Upper House and two educational technology […]