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Seattle Educators Discuss Digital Curriculum for the Classroom

At a gathering of Washington State educators in Seattle called Educators Talk Real Change in the Emerald City on January 19, 2017, put on by The Learning Counsel, the hot topic of discussion focused on digital curriculum. With rapidly advancing global technology, it is obvious to educators that classroom curriculum will need to evolve with the times. Fortunately, […]

The Educational Benefits of Augmented Reality

There are few aspects of society that have benefited more from advancements in technology than education. The personal computer revolutionized coding and web design learning. Mobile technology also brought about massive change in our understanding of the digital world. And of course, there is no denying that the World Wide Web has put research only a few […]

Revolutionizing Digital Ink Book: Chapter 26 and Chapter 17

Hands-on, experiential involvement in school subjects helps students to develop better understanding of the material. At Renton Prep, our students got to explore the benefits of immersive learning when they were invited to contribute to the digital ink book, Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink, which resulted from the 2015 Workshop on Pen and Touch Technology on Education (WIPTTE). […]

Minecraft Education Mentor Project

As technology develops across aspects of daily life, it is increasingly important for kids to learn how to navigate the digital landscape. Minecraft, introduced in 2009, is a no-rules gaming environment that affords kids the opportunity to build cities, allocate resources, manage budgets, and much more in a vivid and dynamic virtual world. Minecraft Education […]

The School in the Cloud

We all have heard of the Cloud. We all know the purpose behind the cloud but did you ever think it could be used for education? Every teacher here at Renton Prep strives to unleash that power in children that originates in the Creator. The School in the Cloud helps us do that. School in the […]