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Harnessing Data To Empower Learning

Renton Prep prides itself on using the latest technology to enhance student learning. As the director of Renton Prep, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, PhD uses her considerable knowledge and educational background to make technology and data useful in the classroom. A Proud University of Washington Alumnus Dr. Zimmerman was recently interviewed by her alma mater, the […]

Renton Story: Alden Johnson

Alden Johnson’s Story, a 6th Grade Engineer. Alden Johnson is a 6th grader at Renton Prop. He loves the unique way that Renton Prep helps him become immersed in his studies. For instance, he’s able to enhance his PowerPoint presentations with voice-overs and then build confidence by delivering the information in person to his classmates. Alden […]

Truth & Bravery Dance Show

For the past 18 years, Renton Prep teachers and educators have encouraged students to embrace their artistic side by participating in the annual dance show. Started by Dr. Michelle and Gloria Zimmerman, the dance show is a way to incorporate physical education, movement, and history into one afternoon. By highlighting historical dances, such as swing dancing […]

Renton Students on the Move: Presenting at NCCE 2017

Renton Prep students were once again invited to present and attend the Northwest Council on Computer Education’s annual conference. Educators and administrators throughout the Northwest attended the NCCE 2017 conference to learn more about incorporating computer-based education into the classroom. As a leader in computer-based learning, Renton Prep students and faculty, including Dr. Michelle Zimmerman […]

Blended Learning: Where Digital Curriculums Meet Traditional Classrooms

Over the next three years, it is estimated that 80 percent of all available jobs will require employees to have some level of technological proficiency. Since the clock is ticking, it’s more important than ever for all learning institutions to examine their curriculum and determine the best way to integrate digital learning with traditional classroom education. […]

Renton Prep Students Wow at TCEA

Renton Prep Students Presenting at TCEA The Texas Computer Education Association, better known as TCEA, hosts an annual conference and exposition, bringing together students, educators and coding professionals. This multi-day conference encourages attendees to share new computer education best practices, participate in workshops, and attend presentations by other students from around the country. Renton Prep students […]