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Jennifer Fernandez Story: Be Bold.

Pay Inspiration Forward Jennifer Fernandez is a 10th grader at Renton Prep Christian School (RPCS) that is known to say, “Renton Prep inspires me to inspire others.” Watch Jennifer talking about her experience at Amazing Grace and Renton Prep. Video transcript of Jennifer’s Story: Jennifer: Renton Prep inspires me to inspire others, to take courage in what […]

Progressive Education by James and Tamra Hood

Insight from a Former Teacher on Private Education Learn more about Renton Prep Christian School, through a parent’s perspective. A mom of a student who was also a former teacher. She loved the integration of education and technology Renton Prep has to offer. She views it as progressive education with using technology as apart of […]

Smart is Strong: Watch Welela’s Video!

Welela Solomon’s Story, Smart is Strong. Welela Genet Solomon is a 7th grader at Renton Prep Christian School (RPCS).  Welela was born in Seattle, Washington from 1st generation Ethiopian American parents.  Welela has been at RPCS for more than one year. Prior to RCPS, she attended Renton Public School discovery program for select highly capable students. […]


The start of this school year has been a full on sprint! We have launched our new website, won a business excellence award and been honored by the service and dedication of the Schwabe family. Generations of Service Henry Schwabe was born in Cologne Germany and immigrated to the United States as a youth.  He […]

Students Go to ISTE

Renton Prep Students Selected to Attend the ISTE Conference Big things happen at the ISTE Conference & Expo. It is where people can share groundbreaking ideas, unveil new learning technologies, and plant seeds that will impact education for years to come. Eight Renton Prep High students submitted research proposals to share their findings about technology […]

“Ahead of the Class…”

Three Amazing Grace and Renton Prep Teachers Selected as Finalists in the “Ahead of the Class Excellence in Education” Awards Amazing Grace teacher, Abbey Zenk, and Renton Prep teachers, Lauri Nichols and Dr. Michelle Zimmerman were selected as three of the ten finalists in Renton’s “Ahead of the Class Excellence in Education” awards for their […]