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STEM Summit 5.0 – Part 2

To read about Renton Prep’s additional experiences at the STEM Summit 5.0, please click here. In addition to exploring the themes and locations in Julius Caesar, the student who presented with me, Leah, is interested in becoming a doctor. She wanted to use some of the new technology we’ve discussed to explore human anatomy and […]

STEM Summit 5.0

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges I face as an educator is how to make all subjects relevant to my students. It is becoming increasingly important for students to think critically. Gone are the days of simply memorizing dates and formulas. The students of today and the leaders of tomorrow must learn how to address […]

Virtual Reality At Renton City Comic Con

While it may be smaller than its predecessor in San Diego, Renton City Comic Con is a local “celebration of all things pop culture.” A couple of Renton Prep students were lucky enough to speak on a panel with Jess Albrecht, the Virtual Reality Manager from Virtual Sports Northwest. Jennifer Fernandez and Matthew Lee, who […]

Renton Students Forge Partnerships At ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) holds an annual conference every year that Renton Prep is proud to attend. The ISTE conference draws over 15,000 educators and presents a dynamic platform for educators and students to engage with other technologically inclined facilitators. This year, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman attended the conference to represent our […]

Solid Foundation: The Building Blocks For STEM

Science, technology, engineering and math have garnered increasingly more attention as a focal point for k-12 learning. There has been a large push from educators and the public at large to encourage students, especially females, to pursue these careers. And that makes perfect sense. The executive director of the STEM Education Coalition, James Brown, stated: […]

Technology: The Only World They Know

Today’s student does not know a world without digital technology. Most Renton Prep students already know how to use the internet, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Kids today view these devices as vital aspects of life. Babies Are Now Born in the Digital Era Previously, generations were defined by world events, such as world wars, […]

Talking About The Future: Renton Presents At FETC 2017

The Future of Educational Technology Conference is an annual event that brings together experts, educators and administrators to discuss advancements and upcoming achievements in educational technology. At Renton Prep, a key aspect of our mission is technology. We believe that all students should learn from and engage with technology in a safe, constructive environment. Two […]

Flashback to Flashforward

This November is a special month for Renton Prep Christian School. It will mark the one year anniversary of being a Microsoft Showcase School. Renton Prep constantly keeps getting positive and blessed outcomes since receiving such a tremendous award. We owe it all to Jesus, He keeps providing everything we need to be able to […]

Microsoft Awards Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award. MVPs are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals. Michelle Zimmerman: Awarded as MVP by Microsoft! Michelle’s passion and dedication to help the Renton Prep community shined brightly through tonight. Microsoft awarded and acknowledged that passion and dedication. In addition to being an MVP for Microsoft, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman is also […]

Stem Summit 4.0

Stem Summit 4.0 is where all the great minds get a chance to present, answer questions, and openly discuss how data impacts and transforms education. Renton Prep’s very own Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and Jennifer Fernandez were acknowledged and considered among those great minds. What an amazing opportunity for both Dr. Zimmerman and Jennifer to represent Renton Prep […]

What’s Appening in Educational Apps?

Educational Apps are not what your father remembers they were a few decades ago! The days of boring numbers and simplistic animation on an Apple IIe or a Commodore 64 in poor resolution are ancient history. Thankfully these mundane programs coded in geek magazines to be typed in by hand paved the way for a […]

2016 Business Excellence

September 8th, 2016 marked a huge success for not only Renton Prep Christian School, but also the city of Renton. For over 20 years, the chamber had recognized only members of the commerce, but this year the format changed. The Chamber of Commerce is the pulse of the city. Director of Special Events Ben Andrews […]

Leah’s Story

Leah Mathew Story, Inspiration Defined Watch Leah talking about her experience at Amazing Grace and Renton Prep. Watch more stories . Video transcript of Leah Mathew’s Story: Leah Mathew: Some things that about Renton Prep that I love the most are that they are like family to me, the students are like siblings to me. It gives me a […]

Scott’s Story

Scott Nguyen Story, a Graduate Prepared to Accomplish Big Dreams Watch Scott Nguyen talking about his experience at Renton Prep. Watch more stories. Scott Nguyen’s video transcript When I think about Renton Prep and how they have prepared me. What I see here, it’s not just look at the textbook and then fill out the answers […]

Spotlight: Fox News

Students of Microsoft’s Renton Prep show school to Brazil delegation  You might think it is unheard of for students to be spending their winter break on a school campus. Renton Prep which became Microsoft’s newest showcase school. After receiving several awards for their cutting edge integration of technology, it is no surprise students were confident to […]

Top Private School

International Recognition and National Awards Through a worldwide selection process, educational, governmental, and corporate leaders from Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East have chosen Amazing Grace Elementary and Renton Prep Middle School and Renton Prep High School as 2016 Microsoft Showcase Schools. These educational, governmental, and corporate leaders have visited our schools over […]

Students win 1st

Renton Prep Awarded 1st Place in Education Design Challenge Renton Prep students had the opportunity to submit proposals and participate in an educational learning design challenge at the WIPTTE 2015 Conference. This all expenses paid (transportation, hotel, food, and Argosy Cruise) competition was on April 28 through April 30 at the Microsoft Headquarters campus in […]