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Prioritizing K-12 Cybersecurity

While schools made a quick shift to remote learning over the last year, the focus has not been on security, as we saw with zoombombing early on. The need to emphasize cybersecurity in education is slowly changing as international hacking incidents continue to be uncovered. But as the progress is slow, the question remains how […]

Renton Prep Students Participate in WE Day Connect

Renton Prep’s students expand their horizons with academic and extracurricular experiences. As a reward for our involvement in the last two years, our students were invited to be a part of the WE Day Live Studio audience for international broadcast! This WE Day event is special for participants around the globe. To attend, students must […]

Renton Prep Alumni and Scholars Program

One of our missions at Renton Prep is to make sure that we prepare all students to pursue their future as soon as they graduate. Therefore, by creating an all-inclusive, Christ-centered, and technology driven environment, our students gain knowledge, experiences, and lasting relationships with their peers. In the last decade, we’ve heard numerous stories of […]

Microsoft Launches AI Business School to Help Innovation

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom is an integral part of the education we provide at Renton Prep. Our school is invested in preparing young people for a future that includes AI. We do that by guiding students to understand who they are as people and showing them why societies, cultures, and traditions are […]

AI Resources for an Advanced Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an influence on everyday life. In fact, AI and other advancing technologies are leading towards efficiency in health services, safety, and productivity. Thus, we can expect society to benefit significantly from AI, as it assists people to work better and do more. So, with the following AI resources, students and […]

Preparing The Future For Digital Transformation

One way or another, digital transformation is making its way into our lives. For the future’s sake, it’s substantial to expose students to the skills that are needed to succeed in the workplace. With digital transformation, people are learning how to augment the skills that are necessary to advance innovation. As Renton Prep is a […]

Renton Prep To Be Included Among Microsoft Groundbreaking Schools

In recent years, Microsoft has expanded its efforts to help teachers utilize technology to connect with students. As part of that mission, the company recently launched its innovative Microsoft Flagship School Program, forging partnerships with 17 schools worldwide. Renton Prep is thrilled to be included among this prestigious group of institutions. What the Flagship School Program […]

Why Students Choose Renton Prep

School is one of the most important components of a child’s life. Not only is it the place where they obtain an education, but also the place where they develop social skills. And choosing the right institution for a child is crucial to their educational experience. We know that while parents decide what is the […]

Technology vs. Classical Education

Many of us realize that education is the golden ticket, improving society as a whole while helping individuals perform at their highest levels. Still, that doesn’t mean we all agree on what type of education is best. While some proponents of higher education stress the importance of a liberal arts degree, others argue that a […]

The Importance Of Dance In School

At Renton Prep, we’re passionate about teaching students in a technology-enabled, Christ-centered environment. However, that doesn’t mean STEM subjects are the only ones that matter to our team of educators. We are committed to turning young people into well-rounded, happy adults. That’s why we enthusiastically encourage students to take part in a wide range of extracurricular […]

NCCE 2018

Renton Prep students once again represented our school well at the Northwest Council for Computer Education conference, held this year in Seattle. At NCCE 2018, students and faculty members, presented and volunteered, making this Renton Prep’s 8th consecutive year at the annual conference. Like every year, our students learned so much from the experience. Learning Something New “This […]


You’ve probably heard the acronym STEM or STEAM recently, and you might be wondering what it means. More emphasis has been placed on STEM/STEAM learning in the classroom over the past few years. The argument is that incorporating all disciplines into a lesson will enable students to have a more well-rounded view of the subject […]

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is defined several ways. It can be combining multiple subjects together; it can also be combining experience-based learning with more traditional instruction. Additionally, blended learning can combine online components with technology. At Renton Prep, we teach our students in a blended learning format. We encourage them to use many different academic subjects throughout […]

Renton Prep at FETC 2018

This January, Renton Prep students and faculty attended and presented at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC 2018). Our student presenters, ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old, presented to educators and other students from around the country. Their presentations covered topics like Paint 3D and HoloLens. They also discussed portfolios, and […]

Microsoft HoloTour & HoloLens

At Renton Prep, we are constantly seeking new ways to bring education to life for our students. As educators, we know that making subjects relatable and practical for our students furthers their understanding. It also provides perspective they wouldn’t normally experience. One of our partners, Microsoft, has made this immersive education experience easier with HoloLens. […]