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Hack the Classroom With Paint 3D

One of the greatest challenges in education is finding ways to keep students engaged in the classroom. Indeed, accomplishing this goal is easier said than done in an age when students would rather be staring at a smartphone or tablet screen than a teacher who’s lecturing. That’s where tools like Paint 3D come in. A […]

Digital Learning Is the Future of Education

Once upon a time, students learned a majority of information from reading books or listening to teachers lecture. However, those days are past; today, students and educators alike have access to a wealth of information with the click of a button. In our modern digital era, virtual learning is replacing more old-fashioned strategies, and schools […]

The Benefits of YouTube in Teaching

YouTube has 1.8 billion viewers a month, and many of them are children and young people. From makeup tutorials to music performances, children and teens are watching these videos on TVs, laptops, and even smartphones. Whether or not we acknowledge it, YouTube is clearly playing a crucial role in our children’s lives. So why not […]

Technology vs. Classical Education

Many of us realize that education is the golden ticket, improving society as a whole while helping individuals perform at their highest levels. Still, that doesn’t mean we all agree on what type of education is best. While some proponents of higher education stress the importance of a liberal arts degree, others argue that a […]

Student Data Privacy

Technology enables us to connect students and teachers around the world, but it also comes with certain challenges. Academic institutions may struggle to ensure student data privacy, especially now that teachers can send information with the push of a button. Once upon a time, student data was only visible to teachers and other school officials […]

Educational Summer Activities That Don’t Feel Like School Work

Summer is a great time for kids to relax and recharge free from the pressures of homework and extracurricular commitments. However, that doesn’t mean parents should park kids in front of a screen for the whole summer. According to the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, incorporating a little real-world summer learning into your child’s schedule can […]

OneNote, A Platform For Creative Collaboration And Communication

Gone are the days of paper folders and spiral notepads. In our increasingly digital age, educators need to find more effective, efficient ways to organize their teaching materials and communicate with students. That’s where OneNote comes in. Described as a digital three-ring binder, OneNote is a cutting-edge computer program that allows for easy information gathering […]

Robotics And STEM Working Together

It’s no secret that the STEM fields play a crucial role in society. Referring to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, STEM sets the tone for the future, affecting everything from the foods we eat to the energy that powers our homes and cars. However, research shows that the STEM talent pool needs expanding. According to […]

Renton Prep Teaches Compassion With Tech

Renton Prep has built a reputation for teaching students to harness the power of technology. Not only to enrich education but also to develop responsible and productive citizens. To that end, our school’s educators are passionate about using technology to develop compassion in the student body. And as of late, the world is taking notice. […]


You’ve probably heard the acronym STEM or STEAM recently, and you might be wondering what it means. More emphasis has been placed on STEM/STEAM learning in the classroom over the past few years. The argument is that incorporating all disciplines into a lesson will enable students to have a more well-rounded view of the subject […]

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is defined several ways. It can be combining multiple subjects together; it can also be combining experience-based learning with more traditional instruction. Additionally, blended learning can combine online components with technology. At Renton Prep, we teach our students in a blended learning format. We encourage them to use many different academic subjects throughout […]

Renton Prep at FETC 2018

This January, Renton Prep students and faculty attended and presented at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC 2018). Our student presenters, ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old, presented to educators and other students from around the country. Their presentations covered topics like Paint 3D and HoloLens. They also discussed portfolios, and […]

Technology: The Only World They Know

Today’s student does not know a world without digital technology. Most Renton Prep students already know how to use the internet, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Kids today view these devices as vital aspects of life. Babies Are Now Born in the Digital Era Previously, generations were defined by world events, such as world wars, […]

Flashback to Flashforward

This November is a special month for Renton Prep Christian School. It will mark the one year anniversary of being a Microsoft Showcase School. Renton Prep constantly keeps getting positive and blessed outcomes since receiving such a tremendous award. We owe it all to Jesus, He keeps providing everything we need to be able to […]

Microsoft Awards Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award. MVPs are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals. Michelle Zimmerman: Awarded as MVP by Microsoft! Michelle’s passion and dedication to help the Renton Prep community shined brightly through tonight. Microsoft awarded and acknowledged that passion and dedication. In addition to being an MVP for Microsoft, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman is also […]

Stem Summit 4.0

Stem Summit 4.0 is where all the great minds get a chance to present, answer questions, and openly discuss how data impacts and transforms education. Renton Prep’s very own Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and Jennifer Fernandez were acknowledged and considered among those great minds. What an amazing opportunity for both Dr. Zimmerman and Jennifer to represent Renton Prep […]

What’s Appening in Educational Apps?

Educational Apps are not what your father remembers they were a few decades ago! The days of boring numbers and simplistic animation on an Apple IIe or a Commodore 64 in poor resolution are ancient history. Thankfully these mundane programs coded in geek magazines to be typed in by hand paved the way for a […]