AI Resources to Prepare your Community for an Advanced Future
May 4, 2019

AI Resources for an Advanced Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an influence on everyday life. In fact, AI and other advancing technologies are leading towards efficiency in health services, safety, and productivity. Thus, we can expect society to benefit significantly from AI, as it assists people to work better and do more. So, with the following AI resources, students and communities can prepare for the future.

Educational Programs

Because of how relevant technology integration is becoming, AI resources such as educational programs can aid in familiarizing others with what exactly AI is. Some examples of programs are:

These AI resources focus on teaching students how to build models and learn the necessary skills to build an intelligent future. They move aspiring AI engineers through an introduction of AI to top level skills that build deep learning models.

Technology-Related Courses

There are a multitude of AI resources that exist online and in schools. In addition, other AI resources, such as the AP Computer Science Principles Course from College Board demonstrates principles of computation and data science. Currently, there are schools that offer courses on AI. The goal is for students to establish a better understanding of AI, technology, and their uses. To that end, at Renton Prep we train our students to use technology to solve issues in our global community that lead to positive outcomes.

“Renton Prep introduces all students, 6th grade and up, to computer science including AI.”

Getting Smart

We are grateful to Getting Smart for featuring us in their article. Our school is appreciative of every publication and highlight, as it is a reflection of our school’s mission and vision.

Creating Ideas

Certainly, Renton Prep fosters machine learning and AI in courses. As a result, executive director Dr. Michelle Zimmerman felt a strong inclination to bring the subject of AI to light. Through her new book, Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning, she goes in depth about AI perspectives, teaching, tools, and activities. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on the ISTE website.

AI at Renton Prep

By incorporating AI, students at Renton Prep already practice the steps that will add value to their future careers. It’s clear that AI will define the next generation. So, if you are interested in involving your child in a school brimming with AI resources, then contact us today for more information.