Why Students Need Eportfolios

Gone are the days of students or job seekers collecting their clips or gathering print-outs of their work. Today, eportfolios, or electronic portfolios, have become the digital standard for displays and presentations of past work. This is because eportfolios give students and educators a new, dynamic tool to work with. This tool helps individuals truly showcase their abilities. Below are just a few of the reasons that all students should develop and maintain an eportfolio.

Why Students Need Eportfolio

Reasons Why Eportfolios are Important

1.) It’s Motivating.

Putting together an online collection of your best work motivates you to…well, do your best work. With eportfoilos, students take pride in showcasing their most stellar projects in a dynamic manner. Additionally, when devising a project, they often conceive of it through the lens of the eportfolio. For example, they might ask: how will this look in its digital format? What will it tell a college or employer about me? The ability to showcase work in an interactive way is deeply motivating.

2.) It’s Easy to Track Progress.

In the case of a school electronic portfolio, it is easy to see a student’s progress. As a result of having a visual representation in a central repository, teachers and parents can see just how far the student has come. This can also help illustrate to the student how far he or she has come, which can be another motivating factor (see no. 1).

3.) It’s About Self-Expression.

Eportfolios run the gamut, from highly professional to artsy and creative. Thus, depending on the platform used, students have a lot of flexibility regarding design and layout. This is yet another way for students to express their unique selves. By giving them ownership of their own work and how it is presented, students begin to understand the importance of presentation.

4.) It’s a Calling Card.

Finally, students can use their eportfolio for a variety of applications, including as an example to potential employers, colleges, internships, and potential collaborators. These types of portfolios might also become more important to colleges and universities as they look for ways a student stands above the crowd. Additionally, it expands the student’s digital footprint. This is something younger generations have to consider as online culture continues to be a significant factor in long-term financial and social success.

In conclusion, At Renton Prep, we’re committed to preparing our students for whatever the future holds. Hence, we aim to teach students how to use the latest technological tools, including eportfolios. For more examples of Renton Prep’s forward thinking, please visit our blog.