Student Highlight: Toby Eng Completes Achieve3000

Looking in retrospect, we are so proud of all the progress our students have made this year. At Renton Prep, we always encourage students to give their best in all areas. To that end, today we want to highlight student Toby Eng for his self-motivation to complete challenges from Achieve3000.

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Determination to Succeed

Toby Eng is in 8th grade at Renton Prep. It is needless to say that Toby is motivated, as he decided to participate in completing extra activities from Achieve3000 outside of school. Achieve3000 is the vanguard of online differentiated instruction, serving students all across the globe. Also, their online methodology offers engaging, nonfiction content that supports core curricula.

Toby decided to complete Achieve3000 activities in the Foundational Literacy Challenge category to reinforce what he was already learning in English Language Arts (ELA). Each category has problems of different topics for students to read and then answer questions. These questions are the challenges that the students have to complete. Additionally, students can accumulate points as they do activities in each category.

“Achieve 3000 is like ELA, you read an article then answer some questions. In every article there is an activity, every activity has 8 questions and each question can give you 2 points if you get it correct the first time,” says Toby.

So in order to win, participants need to get as many points as possible in a week. Normally, students collect 1,000 to 2,000 points in that week. Therefore, to beat the record Toby was determined to get 1,000 points each day for a week. And his hard work and tenacity resulted in 6,975 points!

Achieve3000 Worldwide Award

Toby’s determination to succeed and get as many points as he could was not in vain. It led him to win an Achieve3000 Worldwide Certificate. Out of millions of users, he was selected as a winner!

“I earned a worldwide weekly top reward in Achieve 3000. In Achieve 3000 there is over 2 million users. I couldn’t even talk at first, I just stared at it, it was one of the most amazing things that happened to me.”

Toby Eng

We are so proud of this outstanding accomplishment and for his drive to excel. Also, Toby’s motivation and drive is an inspiration and example to others. Keep up the good work, Toby!