Renton Story: Samantha Fredericks

Samantha Fredericks’ Story

Samantha Fredericks is a teacher at Renton Prep, with a background in linguistics and Spanish. She loves using her unique skills and educational experience to give our students a broader learning scope than they might receive at a standard school employing teachers strictly trained in traditional subjects.

By exposing our students to teachers with diverse educational backgrounds and an ability to infuse technology into their curriculum, we provide greater tools for success in real-world situations.

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Video transcript of Samantha’s Story:

Samantha: My name is Samantha Fredericks, and I teach Kindergarten at Amazing Grace Christian School. Here at Amazing Grace, something that we celebrate here at the school is all the teachers come from different backgrounds. But not just different backgrounds, different educational backgrounds.

And so what that means for me, I didn’t go to school to become a Kindergarten teacher – a K through 8 elementary. I went to school for linguistics and Spanish. And so for me, the question I ask my self is, ‘How can I integrate that, and how can I bring those qualities to a Kindergarten classroom?’

With Kindergartners, it’s obviously their first year of school for most of them. A lot of them have gone to Pre-K before, but this is all a really new experience just being in school and this environment. So, for them, especially with reading and the alphabet and even math skills, it is frustrating for a lot of them in the beginning of the year and it’s something that’s totally new. And so, for them, and especially the way that they articulate, it’s just that confidence.

And so, when we talk about what that means – try, try, try again. That’s when I see that “aha” moment and that light bulb go off.

I implement technology throughout most of the subjects that I teach. A child has such great ideas, but getting them to write it on paper for some of them is hard. For others, it’s super easy and they love it. But, what’s so great about technology is you are still getting those same thought processes, those same feelings.

It also teaches them the responsibility of using the technology. And that kind of jump-starts them for the next level when they’re becoming more independent with technology. So that independence that I’m giving them with that is helping them jump-start to move on to the next grade.

Renton Prep employs many talented and caring teachers just like Samantha Fredericks. Our instructors come from many backgrounds and have a variety skill sets to best teach our diverse student body. To learn more about Renton Prep and how we can provide your student with a unique learning experience, fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch.