Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Students – Afomeya & Malia

At Renton Prep, we are so proud of our students for demonstrating Christian values in everything they do. We’d like to highlight two students who have recently been recognized by their parents and teachers for going above and beyond. Below is a bit about each of them and some of their accomplishments.

If you would like to recognize a student, please feel free to fill out and share the Renton Prep Commendation Form.

9th Grade Student – Afomeya Hailu

Recognized by teacher Erikk Hood, Afomeya was commended for two back-to-back deeds. On October 31, Afomeya stayed after school to help Mr. Hood clean up after a class party. As Mr. Hood stated, “I was so thankful for this task, since I tend to stay late on party days to cleanup before the cleaning crew arrives.” 

Then on November 1, Afomeya went above and beyond again when she comforted a student who was having a hard time presenting in front of the class. Per Mr. Hood,

“Afomeya displayed empathy and kindness during a fellow student’s moment of nervousness. She remained by this student’s side for the rest of the day and exemplified what it means to be a friend and a Christ-like example. I am incredibly proud of Afomeya’s actions and her continuous willingness to step up and care for others!”

1st Grade Student – Malia Collier

Malia’s mom Andrea wanted to recognize her daughter for her compassion toward others. One night while saying her prayers, Malia wondered about the people who didn’t have a house to keep them safe and warm. The next day, with her mom’s help, Malia found the Facebook page for Dignity for Divas; this is a charity that collects socks for the homeless. In just a short time, Malia had collected 350 socks to donate!

The charity was so grateful, they even set up an interview with King 5 News for Malia. Check it out here. Malia worked with Renton Prep this year to again donate socks to Dignity for Divas and was successful in donating over 300 pairs of socks and $500.1st Grade Student - Malia Collier

Renton Prep Students Exemplify Christ’s Values

At Renton Prep, we are so proud of all of our students for the hard work and dedication they show to their class work as well as their communities. We considered Afomeya and Malia to be just two of our outstanding students! The Renton Prep Commendation Form is for families, students, and faculty to share great stories in and out of school.