Renton Story: Julie Hood

Julie Hood is a fifth grader at Renton Prep who loves writing and art. She also enjoys working with the various technology tools that each classroom offers at Renton Prep. Renton Prep offers truly immersive experiences that integrate technology with education in a seamless and fun educational environment.

Listen to Julie Hood and read her story below:

Video transcript of Julie’s Story:

At Renton Prep, we get to use technology and different tools to help us learn. It has more technology, like everybody gets their own Surface.

My favorite subject in school is writing and art, because I love writing stories. Like in the beginning of the year we had a human’s journey project where we write a story about a human’s journey. Me and my friend, we teamed up, and we wrote this awesome story. And, it was like 21 pages in my notebook. I think we got a pretty good grade on it.

My teacher, she gave us ideas for it. And, also I got ideas from like my favorite book, Harry Potter.

So, Scratch is an online program where you can make your own projects using this type of coding where you use a bunch of blocks. One of the things that I coded was, it’s called “My Music Room,” and it’s basically where I put down a bunch of pictures of instruments; and then all you have to do is click on them and it’ll make that noise. And, I made that with Scratch.

HoloLens is a lot like VR except in VR you can’t see anything that’s around you; you’re just totally in the world that it’s in. But, then in the HoloLens is where you can still see everything around you; but you can also see other things inside of your own world, basically. And then you can interact with them.

I think that it’s really cool that we get to use all these tools in the classroom, because there’s a lot more things we can learn with the tools. And it’ll be also a lot more fun than just the teacher talking about it and looking in a notebook.

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Julie Hood