RPCS holding awards from VFW

Renton Prep Students Win Renton VFW 2017

We are honored and humbled to be apart of Renton VFW 2017. This past December our students represented by not only writing heartfelt and touching essays but also won awards! Check out last year’s essays.

Renton VFW 2017 Awards

What is America’s gift to this new generation? These amazing young minds took this task to heart for the Renton VFW 2017 writing contest. Here’s to many more years of supporting veterans.

4th grade winners:

  • 1st Place – Abel Mathew
  • 2nd Place – Berkley Kocharhook
  • 3rd Place – Tommy Sabalza

5th grade winners:

  • 1st Place – Henrielle Simplicio
  • 2nd Place – Sonya Melman
  • 3rd Place – John Paul Perry

7th grade winners:

  • 1st Place – Ryan Chiang
  • 2nd Place – Angel Batalon
  • 3rd Place – Lakelle Bridges

Students’ Essays for Renton VFW 2017

“What is America’s gift to My Generation,” was the only direction our students were given. They took the challenge as a badge of honor and wrote the following essays for Renton VFW 2017:

Abel’s Essay

In my 9 years I have never noticed how important Veterans are, or what t hey do and why they do it. I thought more into it and figured that it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. We learned in school that Veterans are people that are willing to give up their life to save us. They go through bad things, so we don’t have to. I was astonished when I heard that.

Without Veterans, Great Britain would rule the United States of America. If someone I personally know was a veteran, the first thing I would think is will they come back, or not. Veterans are very brave, and they care for the county. Veterans protect us basically every day. The fighting ones, the ones that stays behind on the computer and many more We do not have to worry about anything when we wake up in the morning. They give all of us freedom.

I thank all the Veterans that fought and are fighting. Thank you for sacrificing your life for others. Veterans are like real life superheroes. Thank you for stepping forward when others step back, and for your service. Thank you for getting in between us and danger and for making the decision of fighting for the country. Thank you for protecting us, you are our hero.d8s

Berkley’s Essay

A Veteran is a person who fights in a war on behalf of our country. Veterans are sacrificing good meals, sacrificing sleep, some of them are sacrificing being in hot and cold weather. They could get lost somewhere, they’re sacrificing their comfort, not getting to see their friends or kids, sometimes they’re sacrificing clean air, and most of all not getting to see their families.

Their sacrifices, and service are what make our lives safer and easier. They see horrible things so that we don’t have to. Veterans give us freedom and safety. They fight for us because they care about us. To me it is best feeling to know that I can be safe and have freedom because of them. My great grandpa used to fight in wars, but he’s retired and so is my grandpa. Veterans are very important people just like my grandpa because he was a Veteran. He worked on planes to make sure that they functioned correctly. Veterans are very important people in the world just like my grandpa. Veterans are people we should all be thankful for all the time. We should always appreciate Veterans for what they do because they choose to fight for us. I am very thankful to have them because my life wouldn’t be anything like it is right now if it weren’t for them. And that is what a Veteran means to me.

Tommy’s Essay

A Veteran is a …
I am going to tell you what a Veteran means to me and how much I have come to appreciate them. Veterans are a huge reason why we have freedom and peace because of the sacrifices they make everyday.

A Veteran is a person that has fought in a war or someone that has left the military honorably. A Veteran is someone who is willing to sacrifice his or her life for civilians so they may be free. My grandmother was once in the Philippines Navy and my grandfather was in the Marines. My uncle is also a Veteran who was in the Army.

A Veteran’s sacrifice affects me by knowing that every time I go to sleep at night f know that they fight for freedom, peace, and safety. Veterans fight for their country to protect the people that live in that country. They also fight for their country so they can keep peace and order around the world.

Many Veterans don’t get the respect and honor they deserve. There are veterans who lost limbs and return from war homeless. Some people don’t care what happens to them or appreciate what they’ve been through.

We should be grateful to all the soldiers and Veterans that are fighting or have fought for our country. Knowing that they have laid down their lives and risked their own safety to keep us safe and secure. To all the brave Veterans, thank you so much for all your sacrifices. We are safe and secure because of you.

Ryan’s Essay

America is a place that will give you many gifts in life. The most enjoyed gift that I see is freedom. The United States Constitution is the supreme law, and the first three words of the constitution are “We the people.” I agree with this because we should all be working together for the greater good. This specific statement is one that bonds communities together. Women couldn’t get jobs, vote, or even go to school. There were so many unfair laws, and it was wrong for those laws to be placed. Slaves were bound to their owners.

Freedom has had 3 major breakthroughs. The first example is the 13th Amendment. It was the 13th Amendment, which was published in 1865, that changed everything. This amendment abolished slavery. It is because of the 13th Amendment that we are truly free. This amendment was passed through Congress in January 31, 1865, and was ratified by all the states in December 6, 1865.

Today, we are given equal rights. No matter what, we have rights, whether it is the right to protest, or the right to get a job. We can hold protests now because we can speak our minds. We each have power, even if it isn’t much. The second example is the 15th Amendment, where men were given the right to vote. I find it surprising that men didn’t get rights to vote earlier. If men thought so high of themselves, why were they not able to vote earlier?

The third example is the 19th Amendment. Today, we have more fair laws than we did a century ago. Women can do anything that men can do. This was established in August 18, 1920. Women were given the right to vote in the 19th Amendment, which was drafted by two women named Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. 41 years later, The Congress passed the amendment.

I am sure it is safe now to say that people have equal rights. I just wanted to prove a point that life was harsh for people who didn’t have equal rights. People couldn’t live a full life because they were bound to the restrictions that other people gave them. I am truly sure that freedom is the best gift I could ever ask for.

Jayden’s Essay

What A Veteran Means To Me.
Veterans are people who fought in the army or military, sometimes Veterans are people who survived in the wars. Veterans sacrificed their lives for our country. We should thank them for that and celebrate it. They also served our country. They drove war tanks and boats. If your Mom or Dad were in the military, then you would have to move a lot. Veterans are also soldiers, some soldiers would have to hide so the enemies won’t find them, or they camouflage. They are also sly so they don’t get killed. A fact about Veterans Day is that it used to be called Armistice Day. And the first Veterans Day was celebrated on November 11, 1954. Also my great Grandpa was a Veteran. There are also 5 different branches in the navy. We thank and celebrate Veterans Day because of the soldiers who fought for our country.

Thankful for Veterans and Renton VFW 2017

At Renton Prep we believe in creating endless opportunities for our students. We are very thankful for each and everyone of these opportunities, but the students make us so proud when they perform and exceed our expectations. 2018 is already off to an incredible start and we cherish every moment, and ask that you do the same when thinking about the opportunities we have due to veteran’s sacrifices. Thank you Renton VFW 2017 and look forward to next year.