Renton Prep Students Featured in Photos App on Windows 10

In January, some of our Renton Prep Students were featured in “Microsoft Education: Movie making for the classroom using the Photos app on Windows 10.” This is a laser maze project; amazing. The Microsoft team captured at the start of the year. Renton Prep students were also featured in the video (shown below) debut on BETT in London.

Photos app on Windows 10

Check out the video to see them in ACTION!

The Photos app makes it easy for teachers and students to create videos in the classroom using photos, video clips, special effects, and music. Show how a project came together, encourage collaborative storytelling, or inspire your students to present their findings in a new way. Then save your video, share it with the class, or add finishing touches like special effects or Windows Ink.

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Renton Prep Students and Photos app on Windows 10