Renton Prep Commendation Highlighting Students Sharice Lee & Aubree Martinez

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Outstanding Students

Renton Prep commendation forms proudly highlight our students’ accomplishments. On this post, we want to shed light on two of our remarkable students, Sharice Lee and Aubree Martinez. Sharice’s participation in the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars contest and Aubree’s presentation at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) has earned them well deserved acknowledgement. Each student at Renton Prep gives their fair share of cooperation and hard work. Here’s more about Sharice and Aubree’s excellence. And thank you to those who filled out a commendation form to highlight these students.

Outstanding Student Writer

Around Christmas, Renton Prep students entered the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars contest. This contest gives students an opportunity to write an essay that conveys a democratic and patriotic message. Each year presents a new topic, and for 2018, the high-school prompt was: Why does my vote matter? Sharice took the contest as a door to sharing her voice. After passionately writing about her views on the importance of voting, Sharice Lee received a letter in January of 2019. She was thrilled to be given an invitation to the awards ceremony!

“One is a very strong number. The first number, symbolizing the best of the best. One person to start a movement. One person to change the world. One vote, to change an election.”

Excerpt from Sharice’s Essay

We are all so proud of the hard work and dedication Sharice put into her essay. Expressing her passion towards voting can inspire others to equally participate.

Outstanding Student Presenters

Amazing Grace teacher, Ms. Emily Chant, submitted a commendation form to highlight students who recently presented at a conference. On January 28th and 29th, eight students from Kindergarten through 5th grade spoke in Orlando, FL at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC). For nearly 40 years, the FETC has gathered some of the world’s most dynamic and creative education professionals. The conference has impacted thousands of districts, educators, and ultimately, students.

Students joined Ms. Chant to talk one-on-one with over 100 educators about Microsoft Learning Tools in OneNote, Sway and Paint3D. First Grade students: Kathryn Huhs, Kaylee Pascua, Alia Osses, Athena White, and Aubree Martinez shared how they use OneNote to mentor their Kindergarten Prep tech buddies. Moreover, they showed how to create 3D models in Paint3D. Kindergartner, Trinity White, taught educators how to paint and mix colors with Microsoft’s “FreshPaint.” And 5th Grade students, Keona Pascua and Sofia Osses shared a Sway presentation about what it is like to mentor First and Second Grade students.

The Power of Speaking

The conference provided an opportunity for our young students to present along with Dr. Michelle Zimmerman. For example, one of the presenters, Aubree Martinez, taught educators how to create 3D models in Paint3D. As nervous as Aubree initially felt to present to adults, she was very brave and spoke to at least 20 educators from around the country. In fact, many educators commented how well Aubree used her voice and spoke of their time with her as a highlight of the conference.

“It was my favorite when I got to walk up to people and tell them about my tech buddies and Paint3D. Speaking on stage makes me shy, but this felt easy!”

Aubree Martinez, First Grade.

Although a conference presentation can seem intimidating, our students used their voice to show educators what they have learned. Additionally, Amazing Grace and Renton Prep students were the only student presenters at the conference. Here are some of their thoughts on the experience.

“My favorite was showing people Paint3D. I liked showing my projects.”

Kaylee Pascua, First Grade.

“I learned that presenting takes patience and that it might take a lot of time to teach other educators.”

Alia Osses, First Grade.

“While I was presenting I was very nervous at first, but I then got the hang of it. After presenting for the first day I have learned many things about public speaking.”

Keona Pascua, Fifth Grade.

Renton Prep Commendation Form

There is a lot of capacity behind the knowledge of school leaders and educators. But students have just as much power in their voices. Preparing each of them to not let fear take over their actions will only improve the quality of our future leaders. Our students have endless resources and individuals in their lives to help their voice shine.

“I’m so thankful to work for a school that empowers even the earliest learners to use their voice to impact others. By presenting at FETC, these young students are impacting educators from all over the nation. I see my young students gain a confidence that they didn’t know existed as they present at conferences like FETC. I am so proud of each and every student that stepped out of their comfort zone to present at this conference. This is just the beginning!”

Ms. Chant, First Grade Teacher.

That is one thing we emphasize at Renton Prep: the importance of student involvement. The younger they start their journey, the better prepared they will be for the future.

“By participating in FETC, Aubree was able to overcome her natural shyness and discovered a new level of confidence in herself. She proactively sought out conference attendees and captured their attention with her enthusiasm about the programs she uses and how they integrate into her daily routine.”

Brittnee Martinez, Aubree’s Mom.

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