Renton Prep Attends SXSWEdu 2018

Renton Prep was thrilled to attend SXSWEdu 2018, a conference and festival held in Austin, Texas. An annual event, SXSWEdu aims to build and empower a community of engaged stakeholders with the goal of advancing teaching and learning. This year, Renton Prep presented an educational summit at the event entitled, “Future Learning: AI’s Impact on Tomorrow’s Worker.”
Renton Prep Attends SXSWEdu 2018

A Christ-Centered School Focused on the Future

Renton Prep is passionate about preparing students for success today and tomorrow. With that in mind, we strive to teach critical thinking and technological excellence in a Christian-centric environment. Renton Prep understands that artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the skills needed for success in the modern workforce. Hence, we created our SXSWEdu 2018 event to discuss the equity gaps that will emerge if education systems don’t shift to keep pace and prepare youth for a more automated economy.

Our SXSWEdu 2018 Summit

Held on March 6, 2018 from 3 pm to 6 pm, the summit took place in three, one-hour segments. First, session participants gained insight from leading experts in the field. Next, they spent time brainstorming with panelists in smaller breakout sessions. Finally, attendees shared their thoughts and formulated action steps. The goal of the event was to spark new and innovative ideas about issues impacting the future of society and the workforce.

Renton Prep’s summit proposal was selected from more than 1,400 submissions. Which supports the notion of how important this topic is to the future of education. The panelists for this special event included:

  • Michelle Zimmerman, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences at Renton Prep and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
  • Ira Sockowitz, the CEO of Learning Games Studios and a former member of the Clinton administration
  • Mike Martoccia, an Immersive Strategic Advisor with Booz Allen Hamilton who has worked on AI for various military and consulting firms
  • Richard Boyd, the CEO of Tanjo and a former contributor to Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six” series

Renton Prep was proud and inspired to present this summit at SXSWEdu 2018 in Austin. Interested in learning more about the effects of artificial intelligence on workers of the future? Watch a video of the summit online.